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Apple has confirmed a privacy bug in it iPhone that allows the Siri voice assistant to read out messages from locked screens – even if the messages are hidden.
WebKit updated to kill 'supercookies' Apple has moved to block an abuse vector in the WebKit framework that underpins its Safari browser and allows HSTS to be abused to act as a 'supercookie' for user tracking.…
What if web apps behaved the same way native apps do? There’s been a lot of chatter recently about progressive web applications (PWAs) as companies like Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla are all working on this new, modern web application standard. Las...
Hundreds of Apple engineers are experimenting with microLED tech in new panels.
US sanctions? Iranian actions? Simple error?
Under "abilities," Jobs wrote "electronics tech or design engineer. digital."
"Finder" will geotag images by terrain, sky features.
Rumors of a lower-cost iPad and an updated MacBook Air abound.
A total of $267,000 was awarded to security researchers at the two-day event for disclosing new vulnerabilities in operating system and browser software.
At $449, this wearable offers a lot, but runners will get the most from it.
Google wants you to know that it's really progressing well on Android security. Here's a look at the key lessons learned, but save the rather futile debate over Android vs.

Apple iOS on security.
Researchers at Black Hat Asia will demonstrate new framework they created for catching and studying Apple MacOS malware.