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Apple gave me all the data it collected on me since I bought my first iPhone — in 2010.
Memories from a decades-long relationship of mutual respect and confrontation.
A phishing scam fooled victims by claiming to be Apple and scooping up personal details – including financial information and Apple account information.
With the addition of secure enclaves, secure boot, and related features of "Clear," the only ones that will be able to test this code are Apple, well-resourced nations, and vendors who sell jailbreaks.
Apple, Microsoft, Red Hat and others have built an uncannily similar privilege escalation flaw into their Intel-based products.
Apple cracks down on apps that don't respect user privacy.
You can soon watch Steam-purchased movies and TV shows on your mobile device, too.
Developers must remove violations before they can resubmit their apps fo review.
OS and hypervisor makers patch flaw that attackers could use to crash systems or read data from memory.
Apple already required this of new apps; now it's needed to update old ones.
Google is providing a software development kit, called ML Kit, that offers the company’s machine learning technologies to developers building Android and iOS mobile apps.Featuring a set of base APIs to build machine learning into apps, ML Kit is now...
Share AR worlds and play multiplayer games, no matter what platform you're on.