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Itrsquo;s mostly the same as last year's iPad, with just a few notable differences.
DAILY VIDEO: Facebook tries to make amends by easing user access to privacy tools, and Apple releases iOS 11.3 and macOS 10.13.4 updates to improve security.
A report says Macs with CPUs designed by Apple could arrive as early as 2020.
Don't remember this $7,499 Mac from the '90s? Check out our gallery and video.
Review: A seven-row keyboard? Matte screen? TrackPoint? The all-business black body? Swoon
Tesla argues the data still show Autopilot makes its cars safer.
The update also adds new privacy features and support for Business Chat.
Between the September 2017 release of Swift 4 and the planned fall 2018 release of Swift 5, Apple has released the intermediate Swift 4.1 version and is working on Swift 4.2.Next version: Key features in Apple’s Swift 4.2 The planned Version 4.2 rel...
Among the patches in the Apple operating system updates is one that impacts both IOS and macOS, that could have enabled un-authorized applications to log user keystrokes.
Audi, Toyota, Nissan, and Hyundai make our listmdash;in EV and ICE.
iPhone users are still vulnerable to being tricked into handing over passwords.

Apple knows it — but won't do anything about it.
This is a big update, and Apple also released updates to tvOS and watchOS.