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Asus ROG GX800VH review: A ludicrous liquid-cooled $6,000-plus laptop

Overclocked i7, two GTX 1080s, 64GB RAM, Raid 0 NVMe, and a suitcase to carry it all.

Apple introduces watchOS 4 at WWDC with new Siri-powered watch face

New watch faces, activity features, a new music app, and more.

It’s 2017 – and your Mac, iPad, iPhone can all be...

Seven Apple updates, because it's not like you had anything else to patch today Apple has released security updates for both of its main operating systems, along with iTunes, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

All should be installed as soon as possible before they are exploited by miscreants.…

Apple adds one more year to first-generation Watch warranty

To cover old Apple Watches with swollen battery issues.

Polar updates algorithms to make heart rate sensor better in new...

And a new accelerometer for better indoor running stats.

As of today, iThings are even harder for police to probe

iOS 10.3 lands, complete with heavily encrypted Apple File System Apple today released iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2 (14W265), the first two of all of which bring some pleasing extra functionality to iThings, But the main attraction in the new release is Apple File System, because it adds comprehensive encryption to the iPhone and Apple Watch.…

Apple releases watchOS 3.2 with new Theater Mode and SiriKit

Making the Apple Watch less of a spectacle, while adding to voice commands.

Developer gets a Game Boy emulator running on the Apple Watch,...

"Giovanni" emulator doesn't quite fit full speed or compatibility on Series 2.

RunIQ review: New Balance goes after runners with Android Wear and...

Just because an athletic company made it doesn’t mean it’s made for athletes.

WSJ: Next iPhone could do away with physical Home button, switch...

iPhones and iPads have used Lightning since the iPhone 5 was released in 2012.

Windows 10 wants to make Android its iPhone

One really addictive facet of Apple’s device ecosystem is how they work together.

AirDrop lets you move files and other data from a Mac to an iPad to an iPhone, in any combination of directions. Your Apple Watch can unlock your Mac.

Any Apple device can control a Keynote presentation on any other Apple device.

Apple’s Handoff lets you start work on one Apple device and pick up where you left off on another.

Bookmarks, contacts, email settings, passwords, and even credit card details can be synced automatically across all your devices. Windows 10 was supposed to do the same, relying on Windows Phones to be take the role of the iPhone in this fluid ecosystem.

But Windows Phone (renamed Windows Mobile) is in cryogenic suspension, waiting for a future miracle cure to bring it back to life.

Thus, Microsoft’s ambitions to copy Apple’s liquid computing have gone unrealized.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here