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Gemalto IDPrime.NET almost certainly isn't the only smartcard vulnerable to ROCA.
Homeland Security says 'Dragonfly' campaign has cracked networks The United States' Department of Homeland Security has issued an alert that warns of “advanced persistent threat (APT) actions targeting government entities and organizations in the energ...
Phishing continues to be a lucrative form of attack, and attackers are finding some departments to be more attractive than others. Here is a look at which employees phishers will most likely target and why.
There is no simple answer to the question 'Are we protected against the latest brand-name malware attack?' But there is a smart one.
The remarks were made during a discussion of the future of the auto industry.
Supply-chain attack saw data-stealing Proton RAT loaded into legitimate downloads of Elmedia Player and Folx applications by Eltima Software.
An attempt was made Google is offering cash to those who can find, exploit and report bugs in its Android apps, or similarly hack other programs in its Play Store.…
A new attack method takes advantage a feature in Intel’s Skylake microprocessor allowing for post-intrusion application hooking and stealth manipulation of applications.
From heading one cyber-attack victim to another Dido Harding, the woman at the helm during TalkTalk's 2015 mega breach, was yesterday grilled about her move to chair NHS Improvement, the body responsible for overseeing the UK's health service and also ...
Block all the things! No, wait, not the XSS security alerts Top ad-blocking plugin uBlock Origin has come under fire for being a little too eager in its quest to murder nasty stuff on the internet: it prevents browsers from thwarting and sounding the a...
Database contained details required to carry out highly advanced software attacks.