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Democrats urge Trump administration to block ATT/Time Warner merger

Senate Democrats: “Mega conglomeraterdquo; could punish rivals and harm consumers.

Cable lobby tries to stop state investigations into slow broadband speeds

Besides gutting net neutrality, industry wants less scrutiny of speed claims.

Michigan health director, 4 others charged with manslaughter over Flint water

Lead poisoned thousands, but infections also linked to water killed at least a dozen.

Energy Dept. faces lawsuit after weeks of no movement on efficiency...

But the ceiling-fan debacle has been resolved, at least.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick says he’ll take a leave of absence

CEO will take a break after family tragedy and an internal investigation.

Sessions wrote to Congress asking permission to go after medical marijuana

He urges lawmakers to let DOJ go after medical use, citing “historic drug epidemic.”

Uber board is meeting to consider CEO Kalanick temporarily stepping down...

Reports say internal investigation found bullying, and sexual and racial bias.

NY prosecutor says Exxon needs to hand over documents on climate...

Oil giant faces ongoing battle over whether it presented good information to investors.

President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey over Clinton e-mail probe

“Today will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement,” Trump says.

EPA chief promises to recuse himself from lawsuits, advocates for coal

The Environmental Protection Agency administrator also clarified his use of personal e-mail.

Congress just blocked Jeff Sessions from messing with medical marijuana

Section 537: Justice Dept. can’t use its funds to interfere with the popular laws.

With $4.65M deal, Arizonans will get their money back from Theranos

AG says every one of the more than 175K customers will get a full refund.