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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Google Earth reveals hundreds of geoglyphs in the desert, possibly 9,000 years old.
SYDNEY, Australia and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Oct 18, 2017 -- The ABACUS Technopediareg; adapter – available now in ABACUS 5.1 – allows enterprise architects and digital business managers to access the full Flexera + BDNA Technopedia dat...
F-35 Joint Program Office acknowledges breach, says no classified data was stolen.
The pizza chain said it is conducting an investigation into how some of its customers were spammed.
The minister releases a significant cyber report, with news that a defence contractor was breached.

That raises many questions, but the media failed to follow up.

Australia, you've got a problem.
But few details are available as 90% of the island is still without power.
International agreements could make it easier to track down threats from the borderless cyber realm.

Australia is at the forefront of cyber diplomacy, but elsewhere progress is stalling.
Only a proper Australian dose of incompetence can save us from the technology-enabled surveillance state we are running towards.
Belligerent? Paternalistic? Neo-colonial? Australia's assertive new cyber engagement strategy could look very different through our neighbours' eyes.
The new International Cyber Engagement Strategy emphasises the carrot of trade, but it was introduced with a reminder that Australia has a stick of cyber weapons.
Gone are the days of trust and security being a competitive advantage in Australia's financial services sector, the bank's chief risk officer has said.