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Destiny 2’s guns won’t recoil on PC as they do on...

Project lead says aiming drift "doesn't feel good" when using a mouse.

Citrix isn’t just for telecommuting, Red Bull Racing uses it at...

But the next big thing will be machine learning and AI for simulations and design.

AGD advised Dept of Agriculture to skirt metadata laws and rely...

A year after metadata retention laws passed Australian Parliament, the Attorney-General's Department was recommending agencies use coercive powers if they were locked out of the scheme.

Joint committee recommends trial of electronic counting and scanning for Australian...

The next Australian federal election could see electronic counting and scanning expanded from the upper house to the lower house on a trial basis.

Data breaches setting Australian organisations back AU$2.5m: IBM

A report from Big Blue has said the total average cost spent by a company in Australia as a result of a data breach is AU$2.51 million.

Navy looking at bringing back old ships to grow fleet (but...

Some Oliver Hazard Perry FFGs may be candidates for reboot to help grow fleet faster.

Australian government is not interested in encryption backdoors: Turnbull

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has moved to clarify the approach the government will take towards encrypted communications.

​Cyber Security Growth Network wants the world to buy Australian

The Cyber Security Growth Network's CEO wants to make it easier for Australian cyber firms to enter international markets without having to relocate.

Australian Electoral Commission battens down the cyber hatches

In response to the alleged interference in the lead up to the 2016 US Presidential Election, the Australian Electoral Commission is working with Malcolm Turnbull's cyber advisers to make sure it is prepared.

It is time for big internet to join terrorism fight: ALP

Australian Labor Party leader Bill Shorten has called on Google, Facebook, and Twitter to do more on fighting terrorism.

Australian PM calls on Facebook and Apple to help access encrypted...

Malcolm Turnbull has said the likes of Facebook and Apple need to help authorities access encrypted communications.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner labels cyber a ‘genuinely wicked problem’

The issue of online crime cannot be solved simply by regulation or legislation, the head of the AFP has said.