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Australia’s bold plan for cybersecurity growth

Australian Cyber Security Growth Network has set its goals, fleshed out its board, and announced a detailed plan for success.

90 percent of Australian organisations admit security compromise to ACSC

A survey of 113 Australian organisations conducted by the Australian Cyber Security Centre has found 90 percent of respondents faced some form of cybersecurity compromise during the 2015-16 financial year.

Company sued EFF over “Stupid Patent of the Month;” EFF now...

In June 2016, EFF dubbed GEMSA a patent troll.

GEMSA didn't like that at all.

One-third of Americans are willing to eat lab-grown meat regularly

They're also more willing to eat dog, cat, and horse meat if it's grown in a lab.

​Commonwealth cybersecurity compliance to be probed by parliamentary committee

A joint committee has announced an inquiry into the cybersecurity compliance of Australian government departments.

SailPoint tackling unstructured data vulnerabilities for Australian organisations

As one obstacle is contained and another emerges, a new attack vector area gaining traction with the bad guys is unstructured data, SailPoint co-founder Kevin Cunningham has said.

​Innovation department hunts cyber advisory package for Australian SMEs

The department has published a request for tender seeking a provider to develop a cybersecurity-focused package for advisors to drum in the importance of protecting assets to Australian SMEs.

Australia lacks understanding of EU data laws: Veritas

With the enforcement of the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation a little over a year away, Veritas Technologies is concerned some Australian organisations are unaware of their compliance requirements.

Apple sold $4.2 billion of product in New Zealand, paid $0...

"Their tax department is even more innovative than their product designers."

Spider venom messes with our brains—and may help protect them from...

Australian funnel-web spider venom peptide protected rats’ brains hours after stroke.