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House lawmakers endorse reusable rockets for military purposes

This represents a pretty remarkable turnaround for SpaceX and the feds.

CenturyLink made millions by ripping off customers, lawsuit claims

ISP added services to customer accounts without authorization, lawsuit says.

Dridex: A History of Evolution

In the several years that the Dridex family has existed, there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to block the botnetrsquo;s activity.

The ongoing evolution of the malware demonstrates that the cybercriminals are not about to bid farewell to their brainchild, which is providing them with a steady revenue stream.

Clash of Greed

Yet, the more popular game is, the higher the probability that fraudsters will be looking to make a fortune on that popularity by, for example, organizing phishing attacks on the player base.

Those phishing attacks, though always quite similar in their nature, are very competently planned.

All your Googles are belong to us: Look out for the...

An e-mail disguised as a Google Docs share is ingenious bit of malicious phishing.

DNS record will help prevent unauthorized SSL certificates

In a few months, publicly trusted certificate authorities will have to start honoring a special Domain Name System (DNS) record that allows domain owners to specify who is allowed to issue SSL certificates for their domains.The Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) DNS record became a standard in 2013 but didn't have much of a real-world impact because certificate authorities (CAs) were under no obligation to conform to them.[ Expand your security career horizons with these essential certifications for smart security pros. | Discover how to secure your systems with InfoWorld's Security Report newsletter. ]The record allows a domain owner to list the CAs that are allowed to issue SSL/TLS certificates for that domain.

The reason for this is to limit cases of unauthorized certificate issuance, which can be accidental or intentional, if a CA is compromised or has a rogue employee.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

DMCA “safe harbor” up in the air for online sites that...

Etsy, Kickstarter, Pinterest, and Tumblr say site moderation hangs in the balance.

Trump ‘actively’ considering new H-1B spouse work rule

President Donald Trump’s administration has decided to “actively reconsider” an Obama-era rule allowing certain H-1B spouses to hold jobs, according to court documents filed Monday.
It is asking the court to give it until September to consider changing the H-4 work authorization rule.This is becoming a high-stakes case for approximately 180,000 spouses of H-1B visa holders who gained the right to work in 2014.

These are spouses of H-1B visa holders who are seeking a green card.[ Have a tech story to share? If we publish it, we’ll send you a $50 American Express gift card — and keep you anonymous.
Send it to offtherecord@infoworld.com. | We've all been there: 7 hardware horror stories from the help desk. | Follow Off the Record on Twitter and subscribe to the newsletter. ]
The motion was filed in a Washington federal appellate court, under the case name Save Jobs USA, in a case brought by former Southern California Edison (SCE) IT workers.

These workers trained visa-holding replacements in 2015 before losing their jobs.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

CD, DVD pirate sentenced to 5 years in prison

FBI investigated piracy ring with assistance from the RIAA and MPAA.

Elon Musk on new NASA legislation: “This bill changes almost nothing”

"Existing programs stay in place and there is no added funding for Mars."

President Trump signs NASA advisory bill, says it’s “about jobs”

On deep space: "That sounds exciting.

But first we want to fix our highways."

VU#742632: Sage XRT Treasury database fails to properly restrict access to...

Sage XRT Treasury,version 3,fails to properly restrict database access to authorized users,which may enable any authenticated user to gain full access to privileged database functions.