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How can you tell whether an emerging technology such as artificial intelligence is worth investing time into when there is so much hype being published daily? We’re all enamored by some of the amazing results such as AlphaGo beating the champion Go pla...
Four industry trends are making vehicles vulnerable to cyber attacks and failures: vehicles access, software control, autonomous driving, and the changing state of software, according to BlackBerry.
The initial stage asks for qualifications; winning companies will submit proposals.
Richard Jacobs, an ex-security official at Uber, testified in court Tuesday.
Spanning two hectares, the new test site will be used to trial communication and interaction between autonomous vehicles and other road vehicles.
DAILY VIDEO: Research finds that half of enterprises suffered insider attacks in the last 12 months; Volvo and Uber agree to provide tens of thousands of autonomous cars; North Korea-backed Lazarus Group takes aim at Android security; and there's more.
While no consensus exists on how to define microservices, it is generally agreed that they are an architectural pattern that is composed of loosely coupled, autonomous, fine-grained services. The services are independently deployable and communicate...
The shuttle wasn't at fault, but it might have been able to avert the accident.
What, specifically, defines artificial intelligence? Is AI simply a fancy name for the robots you see in movies like Terminator and Wall-E? What makes a machine artificially intelligent, as opposed to just being useful?There is debate that something...
The self-driving dominoes continue to fall.
The ride-hailing service is on the ups, but GM might be headed to Uber.
Its mean streets will be the self-driving car's toughest challenge.