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“This is a shot across the bow of the bad guys.”
Driver incompatibilities and microcode problems are both being reported.
After a year of teases, puzzles, and feints, the bad guys are heremdash;and they are pissed.
This darkly funny adventure isnrsquo;t perfect, but itrsquo;s full of genuine surprises.
Understanding how bad guys reuse infrastructure will show you the areas of your network to target when investigating new threats and reiteration of old malware.
The mid-season finale left us wondering who the bad guys and good guys really are.
The bad guys use phishing because it works, and it works because it exploits weaknesses in human psychology and organisational culture. We won't fix cybersecurity until we fix those things.
FBI won't confirm it's an iPhone: "I don't want to tell bad guys what phone to buy."