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But with him comes co-writer Chris "Batman V Superman" Terrio.
In Vader voice: Nooooo.
Reducing privacy and security risks starts with knowing what the threats really are.
Skyrim VR, God of War, new Shadow of the Colossus remaster, and much more.
This sequel is great at everything except teaching you how not to get beaten.
New scenes show off funny writing, great supporting cast, and Peter's character arc.
A phenomenal teen-acting ensemble gets screwed by feature-length aspirations, bad VFX.
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Batman gets much-needed shot in arm, but Lego Movie is hard shadow to stand near.
So far it's not breaking out of the mold like Jessica Jones and Luke Cage did.
Many mobile games can access sensitive functions and data on employer-issued devices including SMS, social networking, location services & tracking and calendar accessMaidenhead, U.K. – Oct. 18, 2016 – Augmented reality, fueled most recently by the Pokémon GO sensation, and virtual reality gaming opportunities are beginning to really open up on mobile platforms. According to IDC, the number of smartphone and tablet gamers should increase to more than 1.9 billion in 2020. Millions of mobile device users are predicted to play these types of games within a few years, and the workplace is not immune. According to a new report, “It’s Not All Fun and Games: A BYOD Reality Check for Companies”, many of these popular apps could violate corporate risk policies. “Some employees care about data security and privacy when they curate the apps they download to their mobile phones, but many don’t,” said Maureen Polte, Vice President of Product Management at Flexera Software. “When those phones are Bring Your Own Device, poor employee choices suddenly impact corporate risk. That is why Application Readiness automation – commonly used by companies to test their enterprise applications – must be extended to mobile apps, so CIOs can have a firm understanding of which ones violate their BYOD policies.” The report found that of the almost 60 popular Apple iOS mobile games tested[1]: 73 percent, including Angry Birds, AR Defender 2, Bejeweled Classic, Bubble Shooter, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Color Switch, Game of War, Mobile Strike, Pokémon GO and Slither, support Location Services & Tracking. 68 percent, including Angry Birds, Bejeweled Classic, Bubble Shooter, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Color Switch, Game of War, Mobile Strike and Slither, support Social Networking. 58 percent, including Angry Birds, Bejeweled Classic, Bubble Shooter, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Color Switch and Slither, support Calendar Access. 54 percent, including Angry Birds, AR Defender 2, Bejeweled Classic, Bubble Shooter, Color Switch and Slither, support SMS. “Unfortunately, not all mobile app developers are trustworthy,” added Polte. “CIOs must have a centralised, automated and repeatable Application Readiness process to identify and test those apps to determine what they do, and whether they comply or collide with an organisation’s BYOD policies. To compile the report, Flexera Software identified almost 60 widely used gaming applications, representing a small sampling of those that can be found in the Apple App Store and that could easily be downloaded by employees to a corporate-issued or BYOD device. These apps were tested using AdminStudio Mac® and Mobile, an Application Readiness solution that helps organisations identify, manage, track and report on mobile apps, simplify mobile application management, reduce mobile app risk, and address the rapidly growing demand for mobile apps in the enterprise. # # # [1]The apps tested were: 100 Balls, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, AR Defender 2, Baby Twins – Terrible Two, Batman: Arkham Underworld, Bejeweled Classic, Bubble Shooter, Buddyman Run, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Clash of Kings, Clash Royale, Color Switch, Cookie Jam, Crossy Road, CSR Racing 2, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, Dictator: Emergence, Diner Dash, Disney Emoji Blitz, Doodle Jump Free, Drop Out, Eggs, Inc., Episode – Choose Your Story, Farm Heroes, Farm Heroes Saga, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, Game of War, Hand of God, Happy Wheels, Harvest Swap, Hay Day, Hungry Shark Evolution, Ingress, Jetpack Joyride, Kendall and Kylie, Micro Machines, Mobile Strike, Mr Jump, NBA Live Mobile, PartyPoker, Piano Tiles, Pokémon GO, Quizduell, Rolling Sky, Slither.io, Snappy Bird: New Season, Soccer Stars, Stack, Steps, Subway Surfers, Talking Tom Gold Run, Temple Run, Temple Run 2, The Sims FreePlay, Walking Dead, Words with Friends and Zynga Poker Classic – Texas Holdem. Resources: Download the Report http://resources.flexerasoftware.com/web/pdf/WhitePaper-AR-BYOD-Mobile-Games-Fun-and-Games.pdf?utm_source=Marketwired&utm_campaign=ARMobileGames2016&utm_medium=PR Learn more about: Follow Flexera Software on… About Flexera SoftwareFlexera Software helps application producers and enterprises increase application usage and security, enhancing the value they derive from their software. Our software licensing, compliance, cybersecurity and installation solutions are essential to ensure continuous licensing compliance, optimised software investments, and to future-proof businesses against the risks and costs of constantly changing technology. A marketplace leader for more than 25 years, 80,000+ customers turn to Flexera Software as a trusted and neutral source of knowledge and expertise, and for the automation and intelligence designed into our products. For more information, please go to: www.flexerasoftware.com. For more information, contact:Vidushi Patel/ Nicola MalesVanilla PRprflexera@vanillapr.co.uk+44 7958474632 / +447976652491 Copyright© 2016 Flexera Software LLC. All other brand and product names mentioned herein may be the trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective owners.
Enlargereader comments 33 Share this story Warner Bros. ordered Google to remove several of its own Web pages from search results on the grounds they infringed the media giant's copyright. A posting on the Lumen database of cease and desist letters revealed the bizarre requests, which were sent by monitoring company Vobile on behalf of Warner Bros. It asked for the official pages of Batman: The Dark Knight and The Matrix films to be censored by Google under the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA.) A few days earlier,  according to TorrentFreak, Warner Bros. had requested that the official Web page for movie The Lucky One should be removed from Google's search results in the same way. Ars sought comment from Warner Bros., but it was yet to respond at time of publication. The takedown demands from the company went beyond erroneously targeting itself.
It also told Google to remove legit movie streaming links from Amazon, Sky, and IMDb. "Warner is inadvertently trying to make it harder for the public to find links to legitimate content, which runs counter to their intentions," said TorrentFreak. Google spotted the anomalous requests to remove the Amazon, Sky, and IMDb links, and decided not to take any action. However, the Warnerbros.com URLs are apparently still being investigated. Google might point out that the huge volume of DMCA requests it now receives makes spotting such errors increasingly difficult.

According to its 2016 report on how it's fighting online piracy, Google received requests to remove 558 million Web pages last year, an increase of 60 percent over the previous 12 months. One of the problems with the DMCA takedown mechanism is that there is no real penalty for making incorrect claims, which encourages mass submissions of URLs, including false ones. An earlier TorrentFreak article reported on a 2013 court case that accused Warner Bros. of abusing the DMCA takedown process using false claims.

The case was settled before any judgment was made, leaving the legal issues surrounding erroneous DMCA requests largely unexplored. This post originated on Ars Technica UK
Enlargeportal_gda reader comments 53 Share this story US prosecutors have now named a total of three men said to be operators of the defunct file-sharing site KickassTorrents (KAT). The new allegations are in a formal indictment filed Tuesday, which contains the most detailed charges against the site yet. Last month, alleged site operator 30-year-old Artem Vaulin of Ukraine was arrested in Poland.

The new indictment (PDF) also names Ievgen (Eugene) Kutsenko aka "chill" and Oleksander (Alex) Radostin aka "pioneer," also of Ukraine.

Bench warrants have been issued for the arrest of all three men, although authorities have confirmed the arrest of only Vaulin. The indictment was reported earlier today by TorrentFreak. Prosecutors say the three men developed and maintained the site together and used it to "generate millions of dollars from the unlawful distribution of copyright-protected media, including movies... television shows, music, video games, computer software, and electronic books." They gave out "Reputation" and "User Achievement" awards to users who uploaded the most popular files, including a special award for users who had uploaded more than 1,000 torrents. The operators sorted illegal torrent files by genre, posted updates about newly available content, and policed the site for banned content, such as adult material, malware, and material that "could invoke violence or hatred," according to the indictment.

They promoted KickassTorrent with posts on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Vaulin, Kutsenko, and Radostin also ran "direct download" sites where users could directly download or stream movies, including solarmovie.com, leechmonster.com, iwatchfilm.com, hippomovies.com, and movie2b.com. The site used servers around the world, rented through intermediaries in order to hide the operators' location.

At least some of those servers were located in Chicago, where the case has been filed. Undercover ad buys The indictment presents a selection of the evidence that the government intends to use to convict the men, and it isn't just simple downloads of the copyrighted movies.

The government combed through Vaulin's e-mails and traced the bitcoins that were given to him via a "donation" button. An undercover IRS agent purchased an ad on KAT and was told by a site admin to make payment to a shell company called "GA Star Trading" and to not "mention KAT anywhere" in relation to the payment.

The agent paid $1,500 to place an ad on the site for five days.

The ad was presented to users beginning in March of this year, when they clicked on a link to "download faster" the movie Deadpool. Other payments went to an Estonian bank account under the name "Glomeratus." US investigators have records of some of those payments to the alleged KAT-linked account, which accepted payments for advertisements as large as $135,000. The specific charges against Vaulin include "making available" various copyrighted movies in June and July of this year, including Batman V Superman, Deadpool, X-men Apocalypse, Central Intelligence, Now You See Me 2, and Warcraft. The government's July statement about Vaulin's arrest calls the KAT website the "most-visited" illegal file-sharing site in the world, operating in 28 languages.
Investigators say the site's net worth has been estimated at more than $54 million, with estimated annual advertising revenue in the range of $12.5 million to $22.3 million. While torrent and "cyberlocker" sites that distribute copyrighted content have been routinely sued by movie studios over the years, it's very rare for website owners to be hit with criminal copyright charges.

The most famous criminal copyright case filed by the US government—against Megaupload and Kim Dotcom—is still dragging on as Dotcom continues to fight his extradition in New Zealand courts. Kim Dotcom's lawyer, Ira Rothken, is also representing Vaulin.