Thursday, January 18, 2018
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No active exploits, but crashes are happening in the wild Back in 2000, a bug crept into the Internet Systems Corporation's BIND server, and it lay unnoticed until now.…
Accessibility APIs offer powerful controls to apps, but Google says “no more.”
New research suggests “evolution turned out as it did for no good reason.”
But we can’t ask the mice how wasted they were during the treatment.
Fans of C++ praise its power and speed, but even they admit its complexity can be daunting.

That's true when you're writing libraries in the language, and it's doubly true when you want to make C++-authored libraries useful to other languages. Writi...
Each DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack seem to be larger than the last, and recent advisories from Akamai and Ixia indicate that attackers are stepping up their game.

As attackers expand their arsenal of reflection methods to target CLDAP ...
We dig the system’s millions of smooth, blended colors and pleasing form factor.
The Internet Systems Consortium patched the BIND domain name system this week, addressing a remotely exploitable vulnerability it said could lead to a crash.
This threat was originally discovered by a bank’s security team, after detecting Meterpreter code inside the physical memory of a domain controller (DC). Kaspersky Lab participated in the forensic analysis, discovering the use of PowerShell scripts within the Windows registry.

Additionally it was discovered that the NETSH utility as used for tunnelling traffic from the victim’s host to the attacker´s C2.
Ajit Pai "walk[ed] back the stated goal of his chairmanship," advocate says.
Republicans decide that nine companies can’t offer subsidized broadband.
Academics studying 283 Android VPN apps quantified a number of problems associated with native platform support for VPN clients through the BIND_VPN_SERVICE.