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Citrix isn’t just for telecommuting, Red Bull Racing uses it at...

But the next big thing will be machine learning and AI for simulations and design.

IoT, 5G and Big Data on the agenda as Communic Indonesia...

JAKARTA, Indonesia: The explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), the role of satellite connectivity and the evolution of 4G, 5G and LTE technologies will be some of the key talking points discussed by leading industry names at this yearrsquo;s Communic Indonesia.In 2016, the number of internet users in Indonesia hit 100 million, with 93% accessing the web via their mobile phones.

As the Government aims to have broadband reach 71% of the total... Source: RealWire

QA: Hortonworks and IBM double down on Hadoop

Hortonworks and IBM recently announced an expanded partnership.

The deal pairs IBMrsquo;s Data Science Experiencenbsp;(DSX) analytics toolkit and thenbsp;Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), with the goal of extending machine learning and data science tools to developers across the Hadoop ecosystem.
IBMrsquo;s Big SQL, a SQL engine for Hadoop, will be leveraged as well.InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill recently met with Hortonworks CEO Rob Bearden and IBM Analytics general manager Rob Thomas at the DataWorks Summit conference in Silicon Valley, to talk about the state of big data analytics, machine learning, and Hadooprsquo;s standing among the expanding array of technologies available for large-scale data processing.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Basefarm acquires The unbelievable Machine Company, the leading Big Data and...

LONDON – 13 June, 2017 - Basefarm today announced their acquisition of the Berlin-based The unbelievable Machine Company (*um), the leading service provider for Big Data, cloud and managed cloud services in Germany and Austria. With the acquisition, Basefarm extends their target market from the Nordics and the Netherlands to include Germany and Austria, thus becoming a leading European player. The combined business will have ~100m€ in revenues this year in addition to a wider... Source: RealWire

BrandPost: Distributed Analytics: Enabling More Insightful Solutions

At the recent Intel Analytics Summit, our first panel discussion featured a conversation on distributed analytics.

This panel offered a lively look at topics that are close to the heart of anyone focused on extracting value from big data. While the topics were wide-ranging — from foundational technologies to applications like machine learning, the centerpiece of the discussion was a deep dive into the advantages of distributed analytics.So what is distributed analytics? At the most basic level, distributed analytics spreads data analysis workloads over multiple nodes in a cluster of servers, rather than asking a single node to tackle a big problem.

The same algorithms run across each of the nodes, processing a subset of the data. When the processing concludes, the data sets are aggregated, or brought back together, to generate collective insights.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Rustle up a privacy research project and ICO queen Liz will...

Grants of up to £100k to figure out implications of big data, blockchain The UK's data watchdog is offering up to £100,000 for projects looking at how emergent tech affects information rights, saying that practical research "needs a stronger voice".…

Kotlin’s a rising star in language popularity index

Boosted by its ties to Android mobile application development, Kotlin is a rising star in the Tiobe language popularity index.The statically typed language developed by JetBrains initially for the Java Virtual Machine, reached the top 50 in the index this month for the first time, ranking 43rd, although it has a rating of just 0.346 percent.
Still, this places Kotlin ahead of other more-established languages such as Groovy and Erlang. Kotlin was ranked 80thnbsp;just last month.[ Download the InfoWorld quick guide: Learn to crunch big data with R. | Tap the power of Googlersquo;s Go language. | InfoWorld looks at 6 best JavaScript IDEs and 22 JavaScript frameworks ready for adoption. ]Software quality services vendornbsp;Tiobersquo;s index assesses language popularity based on a formula that examines searches in popular search engines such as Google, Wikipedia, Bing, and Yahoo, looking at the number of skilled engineers, courses, and third-party vendors related to a language.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

IDG Contributor Network: Thinking twice: Data science or MBA?

Therersquo;s no doubt that data-driven decision-making has become increasingly popular and profitable.

Big data helps organizations amass operational insights that assist them in making strategic decisions quickly and more effectively. However, the use of data science within the business management world is still an emerging concept, and there are significant opportunities for business students to become data science-savvy to advance their careers.Across all industries, there is a shortage of data science talent.
Specifically, companies lack the type of person who has the ability to help organizations integrate data and analytics into their existing operations.

A recent McKinsey & Company survey found that approximately half of executives across geographies and industries reported greater difficulty recruiting analytical talent than filling any other kind of role.

Furthermore, 40 percent of the surveyed executives stated retention is another big issue they face.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

IOVOX wins Big Data and IoT Excellence Award

IOVOX also honored as a finalist in the Data 50 and Professional Sales Awards SAN FRANCISCO AND LONDON, May 23, 2017 – IOVOX, a global call analytics company, has added to its growing trophy case having won the Outstanding Analytics Infrastructure Award at Computingrsquo;s 2017 Big Data and IoT Excellence Awards.
IOVOX was shortlisted along with Aqulia Insight, IBM and Zebra Technologies and was declared winner by a judging panel which included representatives from Computing,... Source: RealWire

iFusion Analytics and Interoute partner to deliver Analytics at the Edge

New infrastructure reduces overheads and costs in delivering data securely and on demandLondon, UK – 9 May 2017 – iFusion Analytics, a provider of integrated big data as a Service (iBDaaS), has partnered with Interoute, owner-operator of a global cloud services platform and one of Europe's largest and most advanced networks, to deliver edge analytics.

By combining iFusion’s iBDaaS platform and Interoute’s global network of interconnected Virtual Data Centres (VDCs), organisations will be able to... Source: RealWire

Infosys to hire 10,000 in the US in wake of H-1B...

Indian outsourcer Infosys is hiring 10,000 American workers over the next two years, in the wake of a review of U.S. visa rules and an emphasis on local hires by the administration of President Donald Trump.Infosys said Monday it will open four new “Technology and Innovation Hubs” in the U.S., focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, user experience, emerging digital technologies, cloud, and big data.[ Give in to the dark side: 10 steps to becoming a horrible IT boss. | 9 lies programmers tell themselves. | 9 bad programming habits we secretly love. | For more work hijinks, subscribe to the Off the Record newsletter. ]The first such center is coming up in Indiana in August and is expected to create 2,000 jobs by 2021 for American workers, besides boosting the state economy.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Serverless computing will drive out OpenStack private clouds

By now we all (should) know the benefits of serverless computing in the public cloud. InfoWorld’s Eric Knorr provides a good summary of serverless computing’s advantages, so I won’t go into the details here.What’s most interesting is that as Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft get better and better, the private cloud providers are still moving at a snail’s pace.

The public cloud is where we see new technologies take off, such as machine learning, big data, and now serverless computing.

By contrast, the private cloud seems like the redheaded stepchild.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here