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Sunday, August 20, 2017
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All or part of Santee Cooper is up for sale after Summer nuclear plant hit difficulties.
Filecoin is expected to raise millions in an initial coin offering.
Billions in cost overruns mean power companies, politicians ready to walk away.
Downscaling the Mars booster suggests that Musk may be bending toward reality.
IBM's TrueNorth helps usher in design that could again get around Moore's Law limits.
From September, Euro 6 rules mean diesels have to prove theyrsquo;re clean in the real world.
Ideas: Vertical takeoff of rockets on the Moon.

Cargo to Mars.

Deep space comms.
After years of delays and cost overruns, Southern Companyrsquo;s plant may be a bust.
Herersquo;s a shocker: Wal-Mart is telling some technology companies that if they want Wal-Martrsquo;s business, they canrsquo;t use Amazon Web Services. (Wal-Mart says it simply doesnrsquo;t want customers storing Wal-Martrsquo;s sensitive info on AWS.) Thatrsquo;s a tall order for technology companies that may have invested millions in their tech running on AWS.However, if you see it from Wal-Martrsquo;s point of view, Amazon.comrsquo;s retail business is costing it billions a year in lost sales, so why not fight back by reducing Amazonrsquo;s AWS income from not just Wal-Mart but Wal-Mart's customers? After all, Amazon.com refuses to sell products from Apple and Google that compete with its own streaming devices and services. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
"We have got to get back to where we accept risk.”
According to Gartner, there are currently over 6 billion IoT devices on the planet. Such a huge number of potentially vulnerable gadgets could not possibly go unnoticed by cybercriminals. As of May 2017, Kaspersky Lab’s collections included several thousand different malware samples for IoT devices, about half of which were detected in 2017.
Coupons offer a break to patients with the hidden catch of raising healthcare costs.