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Key US general embraces new space ethos of “go fast, test,...

"We have got to get back to where we accept risk.”

Honeypots and the Internet of Things

According to Gartner, there are currently over 6 billion IoT devices on the planet. Such a huge number of potentially vulnerable gadgets could not possibly go unnoticed by cybercriminals. As of May 2017, Kaspersky Lab’s collections included several thousand different malware samples for IoT devices, about half of which were detected in 2017.

Drug coupons are costing us billions: Lawmakers seek end to slimy...

Coupons offer a break to patients with the hidden catch of raising healthcare costs.

Enthusiasts warn planetary protection may stop humans from going to Mars

“If we could get the red death from Mars, wersquo;d already have it.”

Uber lost another $708 million in the first three months of...

Chief Financial Officer Gautam Gupta is also leaving the company.

Lotus Cars is saved, being bought by China’s Geely

Geely is pouring billions into Volvo with great results; we hope for the same here.

Fuel economy rules would decouple “miles traveled” trend from “gas used”...

But whether those rules are enacted is in jeopardy with Trump and EPA chief Pruitt.

With Billions Spent on Cybersecurity, Why Are Problems Getting Worse?

Technology alone won't keep you safe.

Fully engaged employees should be your first line of defense.

Doctor Who review: The Time Lord goes in search of the...

Lost in the dark, trapped in a computer game. Will the Doctor and his companions escape?

California cop union opposes new bill that would thwart license plate...

If it passes, drivers would only be able to cover their plates while parked.

US Intelligence “transparency report” reveals breadth of surveillance by NSA, others

Over 151 million call records collected to track 42 targets under new "limited" access arrangement.

Today, even US water is overly medicated—these scientists want to change...

With billions of US meds, algae, fish, and insects get high on our contaminated sewage.