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Schroedinger’s Pet(ya)

Earlier today (June 27th), we received reports about a new wave of ransomware attacks spreading around the world, primarily targeting businesses in Ukraine, Russia and Western Europe. Our investigation is ongoing and our findings are far from final at this time.

Despite rampant public speculation, the following is what we can confirm from our independent analysis.

Neutrino modification for POS-terminals

From time to time authors of effective and long-lived Trojans and viruses create new modifications and forks of them, like any other software authors. One of the brightest examples amongst them is Zeus, which continues to spawn new modifications of itself each year.

Plug-and-play SNES Classic coming Sept. 29 for $80 with two controllers

Unreleased Star Fox 2 among the 21 16-bit classics included.

For Sunday’s launch, SpaceX to test “significantly upgraded” grid fins

The instantaneous launch window opens at 4:24pm ET.

Single-player modding returns to GTA V after publisher takedown

Popular OpenIV tool restored after discussions, changes to protect multiplayer.

Persona 3’s ending made me appreciate all of life’s little endings

Learning to accept inevitable loss through a video game’s poignant example.

Heaps of Windows 10 internal builds, private source code leak online

Unreleased 64-bit ARM versions, Server editions among dumped data Exclusive  A massive trove of Microsoft's internal Windows operating system builds and chunks of its core source code have leaked online.…

Destiny 2’s guns won’t recoil on PC as they do on...

Project lead says aiming drift "doesn't feel good" when using a mouse.

Low-latency satellite broadband gets approval to serve US residents

50Mbps Internet could hit remotest parts of country by 2019.

‘GhostHook’ Foils Windows 10 64-bit’s Kernel Protection

Microsoft says an attacker needs kernel-level access before they can use the 'GhostHook' technique to install a rootkit.

Distilled entanglement brings long-distance quantum communication closer

Send plus resend followed by careful measurement results in better entanglement.

Microsoft PatchGuard flaw could let hackers plant rootkits on x64 Windows...

Redmond shrugs, says PC would already need to be thoroughly pwned Flaws in Microsoft PatchGuard create a means for hackers to plant rootkits on Windows 10, 64-bit OS devices.…