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Astronauts will get to see the latest Star Wars film soon, says NASA.
Google's first AR project is dying to make way for its second AR project.
The analytic journey that many data scientists and IT go through is filled with an abundance of questions and unseen turns.

From capturing data for your model, to generating analytics, there is always something new to look forward to. In this articl...
Poor communication causes a conflict between expectations and reality.
Plus deals on Vizio TVs, the Nvidia Shield, the PlayStation 4 Pro, and more.
One of Audirsquo;s most popular models gets upgrades for the 2018 model year.
The 30-second social media teaser trailer shows off a new stormtrooper weapon.
New card does have video outputs, but it's intended for computation and machine learning.
Mustard calls out Sony's "platform restrictions" without naming names.
Plus, Link gets a motorcycle amid a bunch of other game announcements.
Plus deals on TK, TK, and more.