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It wasn't the most exciting North American International Auto Show on record.
Battery capacity is now up to 11.2kWh, and the electric motor makes an extra 12hp.
BMW will be the first OEM to offer real-time safety data, starting in 2018.
The 5 Series is the latest BMW to get the hybrid treatment.
It separates the durable passenger pod from an easy-to-recycle propulsion "skateboard."
Therersquo;s a new i8 Roadster, a sportier i3s, and the autonomous iNEXT is coming.
It looks like a crossover but drives like a sporty sedan.
One of Audirsquo;s most popular models gets upgrades for the 2018 model year.
Video: Highlights include Tesla Model 3, BMW i8 roadster, and Mercedes-AMG Project One.