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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Smallest Detroit automaker is relying on partners for self-driving tech help.
The official word is the Model 3 will have 50kWh and 75kWh battery packs.
But the battery should be retrofittable, and ex-lease i3s are getting really cheap.
Telematics torched in BMWs, Infinitis, Nissan Leaf and some Fords A bunch of mid-age Ford, Infiniti, Nissan and BMW vehicles are carrying around a vulnerable chipset from Infineon that America's ICS-CERT reckons is easy to exploit.…
Now in Seattle: two services, 1,000 bikes, and a shoulder shrug at helmet laws.
The new A8 will be the world's first production level 3 autonomous car.
This might be the best four-door performance car on sale right now.
CarData gives BMW customers the ability to share telematics data from their vehicles with third parties of their choice, which could be a local repair shop, parts distributor or insurance company.
It's the biggest weekend in racing, so what are you planning to watch?
Even a tiny difference in the position of a sensor can make all the difference.
The powertrain looks great, but we're not sure about the styling.
Intel's Automated Driving Group will be integrated into Mobileye, run from Israel.