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The White House is hosting a conference on the future of artificial intelligence.

Executives from 38 companies, including Intel, Oracle, Ford, Boeing, Mastercard, Microsoft, and Accenture, will attend the daylong summit.Why is it happening now? AI i...
"The contractors have had difficulty executing aggressive schedules."
"SpaceX's rocket is a smaller type of rocket that can't meet NASA's deep-space needs."
“Mars is off the table as far as I can tell."
Engine maker urged more frequent inspections after previous Southwest incident.
First US commercial air fatality in 9 years caused by debris from jet engine fan, engine cover.
Intrusions spread ransomware on city networks; Boeing attack quickly contained.
Lithium-ion atom “meltrdquo; back into their metal anode with just the right amount of heat.
Computers at the aerospace giant were hit by the WannaCry malware but systems are back to normal
After reports emerged that the aerospace giant had fallen victim to the WannaCry ransomware, Boeing downplayed the production impact, labelling it a 'limited intrusion' of malware.
NSA-augmented ransomware hits snoops' home air industry WannaCry, the Windows ransomware that took off last May around the world, has landed on some computers belonging to US aircraft and weaponry manufacturer Boeing.…
After protests and criticisms of deal with Rean LLC, DOD “narrows scope.”