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Threatpost's Tom Spring sits down with Flashpoint and Akamai to discuss how the two companies worked together to address the 2016 Mirai DDoS attacks.
The researchers at Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT decided to check the popular smart camera to see how well protected it is against cyber abuses.

This model has a rich feature list, compares favorably to regular webcams and can be used as a baby monitor, a component in a home security system or as part of a monitoring system.
Gozi IFSB banking Trojan has rolled out new code, a new botnet and a high level of customization in the latest wave of attacks.
Researchers find 150 Ramnit-infected apps a year after a similar batch was discovered.
Botnet distribution added to attacks which are crafted to hijack email threads - by attackers who are now experimenting with also delivering crytpocurrency mining malware.

Mining is the new black

Last year we published a story revealing the rise of miners across the globe.

At the time we had discovered botnets earning millions of USD. We knew this was just the beginning of the story, which turned out to develop rapidly.
Hole made it possible to trick users into double spending and hack smart contracts.
Anedcotal data makes us wonder when a terrifying Twitter botnet will take over.

Financial Cyberthreats in 2017

This report summarizes a series of Kaspersky Lab reports that between them provide an overview of how the financial threat landscape has evolved over the years.
It covers the common phishing threats, along with Windows-based and Android-based financial malware.
​Gennadiy Kapkanov, suspected of running one of the world's largest malware networks, nabbed in Ukraine.
Domain generation algorithm allows scripts to bypass ad blockers.
These intelligent botnet clusters swarm compromised devices to identify and assault different attack vectors all at once.