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Microsoft continues its big push in cloud computing and machine learning.
aIR-Jumper weaves passwords and crypto keys into infrared signals.
Scripting and the command-line are important, but not the only way to do things.
A project called AssemblyScript is providing a bridge between WebAssembly, the portable binary code format designed to make web applications run faster, and TypeScript, Microsoftrsquo;s typed JavaScript superset. A subset of TypeScript itself, AssemblyScript gives developers with a background in TypeScript and standard JavaScript APIs a way to compile to WebAssembly.

The project is currently characterized as being in a beta state of development by its main developer, Daniel Wirtz. “My aim [with AssemblyScript] is to create something simple, i.e. something you can ‘npm installrsquo; to compile to WebAssembly instead of installing and setting up more complex tool chains,” he said.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Battery backups arenrsquo;t just for your computersmdash;put your network on one, too.
One mistake can cascade into a disaster in heavy marine traffic, regardless of tech.
Azure is rapidly turning into a container-driven public cloud, with strategic investments in tools and hires.
Itrsquo;s also running fast, launching new container-focused products and services on a regular basis.

At first, Azure was catching up with Amazon Web Servicesrsquo; features, but the release of the new Azure rapid-deployment container service that acts as a bridge between platform as a service and infrastructure as a service leapfrogs Amazon.Introducing container as a service Perhaps best thought of as a new class of cloud platform — call it “container as a servicerdquo;— Azure Container Instances (ACI) let you rapidly create and launch containerized applications, without any overhead and with an easily scriptable set of commands.

Designed to work both on its own and with tools like Kubernetes, ACI adds container-management commands to Azure, coupling them with a billing model thatrsquo;s based on per-second usage, with no need to create and deploy (and pay for) container hosts.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Report suggests mobile units will be lighter, more powerful than Gear VR.
19 Year old partners with FTSE 100 companies to solve UK careers crisisTonight over 100 directors and business leaders gather in London for the launch of a new platform and app, Young Professionals UK, created by Dan Miller, an award-winning 19 year ol...
Report from Consult Hyperion estimates manual KYC checks cost the average bank £47m a year and are set to soar with the introduction of AMLD4 and AMLD5 Government-backed eID schemes, offered as a solution to AMLD5, wonrsquo;t be available to the banking sector for years Report recommends mobile identity verification technology to bridge the gap between manual checks and electronic identitiesCopenhagen, Denmark, 26th June 2017 – With the deadline today for full implementation of the... Source: RealWire
Glimpse into the agencyrsquo;s archive of scientific objects and help identify unknown ones.
Wherein we don our Vives and Rifts, hit record, and set phasers to "ridiculous."