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In a throwback to the ’90s, NTFS bug lets anyone hang...

It's like the c:\con\con bug all over again.

T-Mobile’s “Digits” program revamps the phone number

T-Mobile phone numbers can now be accessed from apps on Android, iOS, and the Web.

Google and Facebook lobbyists try to stop new online privacy protections

Lobbyists try to kill "opt-in" privacy standard before it can be implemented.

Terror Exploit Kit Evolves Into Larger Threat

The Terror exploit kit has matured into a greater threat and carefully crafts attacks based on a user's browser environment.

Boston Globe website no longer lets you read articles in private...

Want to read an article in incognito mode? Buy a subscription and log in.

IT threat evolution Q1 2017

Wersquo;ve become accustomed to seeing a steady stream of security breaches month after month; and this quarter has been no exception, including attacks on Barts Health Trust, Sports Direct, Intercontinental Hotels Group and ABTA.

Phishing scum going legit to beat browser warnings

Now that Chrome and Firefox call out HTTP, phisherpholk are getting certified Browser-makers' decision to put big red warning lights in the faces of users when they hit sites too slack to use HTTPS is backfiring a little, as crooks are accelerating their use of encryption.…

Chrome on Windows has credential theft bug

.SCF files present ID, password to fetch icons for attack file Google's Chrome team is working to fix a credential theft bug that strikes if the browser is running on Microsoft Windows.…

Chrome Browser Hack Opens Door to Credential Theft

Researchers at DefenseCode claim a vulnerability in Googlersquo;s Chrome browser allows hackers to steal credentials and launch SMB relay attacks.

Apple, Windows tech support scams: US cracks down on fake security...

Don't call that toll-free number if you see what looks like a security alert in your browser.

Windows 10 Edge, IE: We’re now blocking sites signed with SHA-1...

Microsoft drops browser support for HTTPS certificates signed with the SHA-1 hashing algorithm.

Oh, great: There’s a new Same Origin Policy exploit for Edge

Browser helps attackers by autocompleting passwords Edge nemesis, security tester Manuel Caballero from Buenos Aires, has popped the browser again, getting around its Same Origin Policy to steal stored credentials.…