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Microsoft expands bug bounty program to cover any Windows flaw

Now every part of Windows is covered by a bug bounty scheme.

Beijing police quench scum allegedly behind ‘Fireball’ fraudware

Eleven arrested over malicious browser plug-in that netted nearly US$12 million Chinese police have moved on the developers of the Fireball adware that infected millions of computers earlier this year.…

Adobe: Flash Player to reach end-of-life in 2020

In a move that should come as no surprise given the declining need for proprietary rich Internet plug-ins, Adobe on Tuesday said it will cease updating and distributing its Flash Player at the end of 2020.Content creators will instead be encouraged to migrate existing content to new, “openrdquo; formats such as HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly.

Adobe cited the advent of these standards as having matured enough to provide capabilities pioneered by Flash. “Today, most browser vendors are integrating capabilities once provided by plug-ins directly into browsers and deprecating plug-ins,” the company said.[ Only on InfoWorld: A beginnerrsquo;s guide to Angular.

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Adobe said it will continue with development of new web standards including HTML5 while participating in the WebAssembly Community Group.
Indeed, seeing the writing on the wall, Adobe has been making accommodations for HTML5 for several years now.

The companyrsquo;s Animate CC tool, for designing animations, supports both HTML5 and WebGL.

Applersquo;s refusal to support Flash on its wildly popular iOS mobile platform was perhaps the watershed moment for the technology.

Flash also has had its share of security issues. YouTubenbsp;backed away from Flash in 2015, defaulting to HTML5.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Adobe ending Flash support at the end of 2020

And in some parts of the world, the end will come even sooner.

Eclipse Legal Systems announces ‘Capture’ – a new way to manage...

Eclipse Legal Systems – the UKrsquo;s leading legal software provider – has announced the launch of Eclipse Capture, a new solution enabling law firms to drive efficiencies in the prospect capture and onboarding process.

Created using the very latest Microsoft software stack, Capture integrates seamlessly with Eclipsersquo;s Law Society Endorsed ‘Proclaimrsquo; case and practice management system – but is also available standalone for firms using other technologies.

Capture can be implemented as a browser-based tool... Source: RealWire

The NukeBot banking Trojan: from rough drafts to real threats

This spring, the author of the NukeBot banking Trojan published the source code of his creation. Now, three months after the source code was published, we decided to have a look at what has changed in the banking malware landscape.

The Magala Trojan Clicker: A Hidden Advertising Threat

Magala falls into the category of Trojan Clickers that imitate a user click on a particular webpage, thus boosting advertisement click counts.
Itrsquo;s worth pointing out that Magala doesnrsquo;t actually affect the user, other than consuming some of the infected computerrsquo;s resources.

The main victims are those paying for the advertising.

Russia, China vow to kill off VPNs, Tor browser

New laws needed because today's censorship not good enough, apparently Russia and China are banning the use of virtual private networks, as their governments assert ever greater control over what citizens can see online.…

The Gearhead podcast: Was the iPhone a revolution or just slick...

On its new podcast, Ars UK talks iPhone at 10, iMac Pro, and mysteries of the HomePod.

Symantec to buy Israeli cybersecurity firm Fireglass

Fireglass' claim to fame is its browser isolation technology that helps businesses combat ransomware, malware and phishing threats.

Encrypt all the webpages: Let’s Encrypt to offer wildcard certificates for...

Upgrade will allow even more webpages to be protected by HTTPS.

Symantec to Buy ‘Browser Isolation’ Firm Fireglass

Fireglass's emerging Web security technology will become modular component in Symantec's Integrated Cyber Defense Platform.