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New chips bring a bit more clock speed, slightly more efficiency.
Microsoft's ASP.Net Core has already become a popular way to build high-performance, modern web applications that can run on Windows, Linux, or MacOS. One way it supports high performance of course is caching.

Although ASP.Net Core doesn’t have an in-b...
The top-end part also bumps up the power draw.
Redis is an open source, feature rich, in-memory database and caching engine that can be used to store and retrieve data in your applications.

Azure Redis Cache is based on this popular database, providing a powerful and secure way to cache your applic...
ASP.Net Core provides support for various types of caching.
In addition to in-memory caching and response caching, it provides built-in support for distributed caching.
In one of my previous articles here, I discussed in-memory caching in ASP.Net Core....
Craig Wright accused of "perpetrating a scheme" to con Dave Kleiman and his estate.
Using memcached? Get it behind the firewall and turn off UDP if you want to live Attackers have discovered a new amplified denial-of-service attack vector, and have launched attacks reaching hundreds of gigabits per second in Asia, North America and Eu...
In October 2017, we learned of a vulnerability in Telegram Messengerrsquo;s Windows client that was being exploited in the wild.
It involves the use of a classic right-to-left override attack when a user sends files over the messenger service.
Auto-pwn code glues device search engine Shodan to Metasploit weapons cache Python code has emerged that automatically searches for vulnerable devices online using Shodan.io – and then uses Metasploit's database of exploits to potentially hijack the co...
2,000 years ago, people domesticated these plants. Now theyrsquo;re wild weeds. What happened?
The NPM registry of JavaScript packages has become a critical cog in the language’s ecosystem, letting developers discover and use reusable code packages.

But for developers worried about systems crashing because packages they depend on were removed...
Robot Cache has some interesting ideas and some important hurdles.