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Defense contractor stored intelligence data in Amazon cloud unprotected

Booz Allen Hamilton engineer posted geospatial intelligence to Amazon S3 bucket.

Shadow Brokers launch subscription service for stolen exploits, zero-day leaks

The cyberattackers are demanding $23,000 every month for access to the cache of stolen vulnerabilities.

New Shadow Brokers 0-day subscription forces high-risk gamble on whitehats

Mysterious group with cache of NSA exploits promises new release to those who pay.

NPM 5 reworks the cache for speed, but could break existing...

NPM, the popular JavaScript package manager, is being upgraded for better performance.Expected to be released tomorrow, NPM Version 5.0 is two to six times faster than NPM 4, said Kat Marchan, a member of the NPM team. Other improvements include bet...

For 4,500 years, Stone Age humans returned to this mysterious cave

45,000 years ago in Ethiopia, humans built a paint workshop and used it for millennia.

AMD Radeon RX Vega will appear at Computex—but launch comes later

RX Vega gaming GPU will "be faster than Frontier version," launch later in the year.

Quantum volume: One number to benchmark a quantum computer

Quantum computing benchmark looks at fundamental limit of computer, not speed.

WannaCry ransomware slipped in through slow patching

The plain truth about security updates is that enterprises will always have a lag time between when patches are released and when they're deployed.

Even so, too many organizations are taking too long to test and schedule, and they're paying the pric...

Ztorg: money for infecting your smartphone

This research started when we discovered an infected Pokeacute;mon GO guide in Google Play. We detected the malware as Trojan.AndroidOS.Ztorg.ad.

After some searching, I found some other similar infected apps that were being distributed from the Google Play Store.

After I started tracking these infected apps, two things struck me – how rapidly they became popular and the comments in the user review sections.

Vanilla Forums Software Vulnerable to RCE, Host Header Injection Vulnerability

Vanilla Forums software suffers from vulnerabilities that could let an attacker gain access to user accounts, carry out web-cache poisoning attacks, and in some instances, execute arbitrary code.

Next-generation Xeons to come in “Gold” and “Platinum” versions

New naming scheme appears to be even less clear than the old one.

IDG Contributor Network: How to cache Task objects for improving performance

Caching is a state management strategy that long has been used in applications to store relatively stable and frequently accessed data for faster access.
It helps you to boost your application's performance primarily because you can save on the consumption of resources in your system to access the data from the cache.

Caching can also make sure that your application gets the data it needs even when the data store is not available.So far so good. Now, we have used data caching many times in our applications for improving the application’s performance.

But we can cache Task objects as well!Task caching Task caching is an approach towards caching in which instead of caching the results of the execution of a Task, you cache the Tasks instances themselves.
In doing so, you can reduce the overhead of expensive operations each time a new Task instance is started.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here