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“Facebook lies within the penumbra of blame,” Maryland woman claims.
The Trump-linked consulting firm harvested data from 50 million Facebook users.
Joint Special Operations Command ran campaign against ISIS, Al Qaeda for at least 6 years.
Trump operatives got private data from 50 million Facebook users.
Sets precedent for blocking extradition of hackers to US on humanitarian grounds.
DragonFly hacking team that targeted US critical infrastructure compromised a network router as part of its attack campaign against UK energy firms last year.
A data analytics firm used by Donald Trump's campaign during the 2016 presidential election collected data on millions of Facebook accounts to predict how people will vote at the ballot box.
Matt Tait gives a list of examples throughout history where politically motivated groups have used disinformation and hacking as part of a campaign to shape public opinion.
The payload is delivered via phishing emails about a real defence conference - but nothing happens until the target scrolls down to the third page...
An Iran-linked group is linked to a massive spear phishing campaign that sends malicious Word Docs to victims in Asia and the Middle East.
Once the stuff of spy novels, supply chain attacks are becoming common.
Those behind the campaign are specially tailoring the Monero crypto-jacking malware to use a limited amount of CPU power in order to evade infections being detected.