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Thursday, August 24, 2017
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A predictable meta makes room for new Dota 2 stars... for now.
Two roommates fight over sci-fi; one ends up in jail.
For the first time, a Trek series will show main characters in a negative light.
AIS broadcasts freighter's course to world, triggering conspiracy theories.
Also, it's freakin badass.

Did we mention the badass part? Holy crap.
What's been happening on Ganymede?
Detective Miller goes for his first ever spacewalk this week.
An anticlimactic fall ends an otherwise tense tightrope spacewalk.
FFG's latest card-and-dice game is great—but it'll cost you.
Specifically, Overlord is about fighting supernatural Nazi monsters in World War II.
Holo-display uses image-wrecking glass to create bigger, widely viewable image.
Deal marks beginning of “multi-game” deal with Marvel.