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Judge: Waymo may be in “a world of trouble” if it...

Ex-Waymo engineer Anthony Levandowski can be called to testify at trial, judge adds.

GM to offer OTA software updates before 2020—but only for a...

Restrictive laws and dealer contracts are handcuffing the car industry.

Toyota wants to commercialize solid-state EV batteries by 2022, reports say

Solid electrolyte could make electric cars lighter, battery smaller.

Concerned about connected car privacy? Bluetooth sensors used to track traffic

Bluetooth signals from cars provide an accurate record of real-time traffic patterns.

IBM X-Force Red Launches IoT and Connected Car Security Services

A year after IBM debuted its' elite security testing team, new services are added to help organizations improve car and IoT security.

Every Swedish car owners’ details may have leaked in explosive IT...

Driving license data has potentially been leaked due to carelessness in an outsourcing deal.

Sweden leaked every car owners’ details last year, then tried to...

Another day, another botched government contract In a slowly-unfolding scandal in Sweden, it's emerged that the country's transport agency bungled an outsourcing deal with IBM, putting both individuals and national security at risk.…

First glimpse of Steven Spielberg’s new movie, Ready Player One

This trailer introduces us to a VR dystopia, and has the greatest soundtrack ever.

Dockless bike sharing lands in Seattle—and leads us down unsavory alleyways

Now in Seattle: two services, 1,000 bikes, and a shoulder shrug at helmet laws.

Bosch took us for a ride in its level 3 autonomous...

The company is developing components and complete self-driving systems for OEMs.