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More carmakers are looking toward electric vehicles as fuel cell falters.
Vehicle hack disables safety features on most modern cars by posing as a faulty electronic component.
"He was ordered to come clean and did not come clean."

IT threat evolution Q2 2017

The threat from ransomware continues to grow.

Between April 2016 and March 2017, we blocked ransomware on the computers of 2,581,026 Kaspersky Lab customers.
In May, we saw the biggest ransomware epidemic in history, called WannaCry.
Vehicle-to-grid system could offer frequency response, incentivize electric ownership.
Hand-beaten panels, solid axles and leaf springs, and a 120kW electric motor.
Automakers wanted EPArsquo;s mpg targets relaxed, and theyrsquo;ll likely get their way.
Yoursquo;ve probably encountered the term “machine learningrdquo; more than a few times lately. Often used interchangeably with artificial intelligence, machine learning is in fact a subset of AI, both of which can trace their roots to MIT in the late 1950s.Machine learning is something you probably encounter every day, whether you know it or not.

The Siri and Alexa voice assistants, Facebookrsquo;s and Microsoftrsquo;s facial recognition, Amazon and Netflix recommendations, the technology that keeps self-driving cars from crashing into things – all are a result of advances in machine learning.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here
Virginia Tech is studying reactions to driverless cars and theyrsquo;re just as yoursquo;d expect.
The UK has issued a set of cyber security guidelines for vehicles.
The new factory will employ up to 4,000 people and produce 300,000 cars a year.
Another loss despite emissions credit sales, but Musk is confident about the future.