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The latest game in this legendary franchise is all about racing online and e-sports.
The remarks were made during a discussion of the future of the auto industry.
The ride-hailing service is on the ups, but GM might be headed to Uber.
Post-Dieselgate, VW turns to electric power for racing glory.
A 43-page safety report suggests Waymo is gearing up to release a product.
Fully driverless vehicles could soon be legal on California roads.
Do third-party apps for infotainment systems matter? We ask a developer.
Ambitious goals have drawn skeptics but NL is following China, France leads.
The C7 Corvette is a very good car, and Callaway has made it even better.
A key technical advisor has done extensive solid-state lidar research.
Waymo will run ads in Phoenix touting the benefits of self-driving technology.
Civil Maps is one of the more exciting companies helping to build mobility infrastructure.