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Inside Formula E’s push for ever-better electric motors with Andretti and...

Even a tiny difference in the position of a sensor can make all the difference.

Project Cars 2 is on the way, with much-improved tire physics

The new game should be more accurate and accessible as a result.

Hyundai app security blunder allowed crooks to ‘steal victims’ cars’

Remote locate, unlock, and start vehicles – using a fixed encryption key... ouch Hyundai has patched its Blue Link smartphone app to stop it blabbing private info that could, it is claimed, be used to break into and steal people's cars.…

Hyundai Blue Link Vulnerability Allows Remote Start of Cars

Car maker Hyundai patched a vulnerability in its Blue Link software, which could potentially allow attackers to remotely unlock a vehicle and start it.

Amazon might use driverless vehicles to deliver packages in the future

But don't expect to see Amazon-branded autonomous cars any time soon.

Waymo trials free self-driving taxi service in Phoenix

Pilot program will help research what people want from a self-driving taxi service.

Sega built a real Warhammer 40K Power Fist, then let me...

Real-life 3000psi Power Fist smash good. Real good.

Tesla owners sue: “Enhanced Autopilot Features…simply too dangerous to be used”

Tesla fires back, calling lawsuit a "disingenuous attempt to secure attorney’s fees."

Hydrogen fuel cell SUV is our first look at Genesis’ new...

Designer Luc Donckerwolke got to start with a clean sheet of paper.

Renault imagines the Grand Prix car of 2027

It has 1 megawatt of power, all-wheel drive, and active suspension and aerodynamics.

Fate of the Furious may be fun, but it made my...

It's the small things that shatter my suspension of disbelief.

Uber offers new dispatch service for businesses

Uber wants businesses to do away with shuttle buses for customers, and has launched a new service aimed at making it easier for companies to hail cars on other people’s behalf.

Called Uber Central, the software lets users request cars even for people who don’t have accounts with the ride-hailing company.Here’s how it works: company employees who have access to the Uber Central console input a customer’s name and phone number, along with their pickup and drop-off address.

After that, they can request a ride from Uber’s menu of services, or save the data as a draft for easier use later.[ Also InfoWorld: Find out which is the best browser for Android smartphones. | Get a digest of the day's top tech stories in the InfoWorld Daily newsletter. ]The Uber Central dashboard, which is available worldwide, also lets employees track the status of rides.
It’s built on top of Uber for Business, a version of the ride-hailing platform that has been built for use by companies rather than individuals.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here