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If you ignore the language and country restrictions, this covers 80 percent of devices.
Many of the technology trends that drove us into 2017 will continue into 2018: connected devices, digital transformation, the internet of things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation.These hot-button issues will remain par...
DOJ cracks down on online scammers who trick people on eBay and other sites.
The second-gen EV has a longer range, more power, and is better value for money.
The German government is trying to quell outrage over reported smart-home and car-bugging proposals.
Four industry trends are making vehicles vulnerable to cyber attacks and failures: vehicles access, software control, autonomous driving, and the changing state of software, according to BlackBerry.
Video: Highlights include Tesla Model 3, BMW i8 roadster, and Mercedes-AMG Project One.
Personal information stored on infotainment systems of hire cars can linger long after the rental is over.
So who is responsible for making sure it is wiped?
Back seats and infotainment are optional, and it comes with a manual gearbox by default.
Schmidt is one of the highest-profile VW execs in US custody.
It was a little buggy, but we think the final product will be a good one.
It’s a phrase we constantly hear, isn’t it? Data is a crucial business asset from which we can extract value and gain competitive advantage.

Those who use data well will be the success stories of the future.This got me thinking: If data is such a ma...