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Rudimentary forms of surveillance have always been around, and we’ve been familiar with CCTV camera monitoring for several decades. We expect to be monitored, at least to some degree, in our workplaces.But the world of surveillance technology is abo...
Of all the forms of attack against financial institutions around the world, the one that brings traditional crime and cybercrime together the most is the malicious ecosystem that exists around ATM malware.

Criminals from different backgrounds work together with a single goal in mind: jackpotting.
Company offers "categorical denial" to reports from former employees.
"Concerns with predictive big data technologies appear in most big data policing models."
Charges filed against pair coincide with arrests abroad Two of the five unnamed individuals cuffed this month in Romania on suspicion of spreading ransomware face US computer crime charges – for their alleged role in taking over 123 out of 187 networke...
Every year, Kaspersky Labrsquo;s experts look at the main cyberthreats facing connected businesses over the coming 12 months, based on the trends seen during the year.

For 2018, we decided to extract some top predictions that also have big implications for everyday connected life.
Judge tells Shaun Bridges that his actions are "among the worst of crimes."