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Man Guilty Of Hacking Celeb Accounts Gets Nine Months Behind Bars

Illinois resident Edward Majerczyk illegally accessed around 30 celeb accounts and compromised photos and videos.

Suspected LinkedIn Hacker Arrested

Czech police have detained a man wanted in connection with criminal cyber attacks on US targets. Czech police have arrested a 30-year-old Russian man, Yevgeniy...

You call it ‘hacking.’ I call it ‘investigation’

Let's call the whole thing off Something for the Weekend, Sir? Here's a photo of what I had for lunch! Amazing!!! No it isn't amazing.It's your...

More Celeb Twitter Accounts Hacked After LinkedIn Data Dump

Mark Zuckerberg wasn't the only hackers' only target. Mark Zuckerberg made headlines this weekend when hackers broke into the Facebook CEO's other social media accounts.But...