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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Replicas packs in literally every sci-fi clicheacute; known to humanity.
Doesn't have as much interesting to say about the future, but gosh, is it lovely.
Lazarus' Greg Rucka tells Ars he can't wait to show more world than what fits on the page.
FFXV director talks Nvidia GameWorks, the death of consoles, and playing games on robots.
Here are the searingly original visions that will soon set your monitors on fire.
Visceral action, witty dialogue, and more old iPods than you've seen in years.
“Full conversion wasn't necessary, though it will be in time.” So, pucker up!
WiMAX routers from several vendors making use of a custom httpd plugin for libmtk are vulnerable to an authentication bypass allowing a remote,unauthenticated attacker to change the administrator password on the device.
Brother confirms existing footage, not CGI, will be used to complete Episode IX.
New service puts logic closer to users, aims to be "global load balancer" for apps.
This average action film looks so much worse through the lens of its original form.
It’s also one of the best X-Men movies, period.