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Sunday, October 22, 2017
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The retweets were for innocent, "positive" stories.

And that was the point.
Meanwhile, Trump continued attacks on NBC, media: "Sadly, they and others are Fake News."
Twitter thinks 140 characters might be too constraining for English writers.
The former chief executive made over $4 million in salary last year.
Board reportedly took a last-minute turn away from HP Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman.
White House says itrsquo;s a “ridiculous attemptrdquo; to silence Trumprsquo;s 1st Amendment rights.
"Wersquo;re building something slightly less capable, that's smaller, cheaper."
State taxpayers could end up paying Foxconn $500,000 per job, or more.
Tech companies face intense pressure not to work with the hate site.
Shervin Pishevar, other investors worry of "escalation of this fratricidal course."
Netflix and Disney are still having "active discussions."
SpaceX has brought competition into US aerospace. And it only gets hotter from here.