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No nation likes to lose a piece of space hardware like this.
Chinese researcher also cracked magnetic and sonic payments Black Hat Asia  Paying for stuff with your smartphone is downright dangerous according to Zhe Zhou, a pre-tenure associate professor at Fudan University, who yesterday explained how three diff...
Spying concerns have now totally shut down Huawei's retail presence.
An exact price hasn't been announced, but TVs should be relatively affordable.
Vivendi is officially out of the picturemdash;but Tencentrsquo;s Western dominance only rises.
The ancient Maya imported dogs from across Guatemala for religious rituals.
A portent look at the impact of unchecked money-for-popularity online services.
Overwatch and Call of Duty won't be Olympic sports any time soon.
At last yearrsquo;s Security Analyst Summit 2017 we predicted that medical networks would be a titbit for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, we were right.

The numbers of medical data breaches and leaks are increasing.

According to public data, this year is no exception.
Avast discovers ShadowPad tool for use in apparent planned third stage of the targeted attack campaign.
New service enables delivery to Chinese bank accounts, and cuts the cost of sending in halfLondon, March 12th - Azimo, a digital disruptor of traditional money transfer services, has launched an improved service for transfers to China.

Customers will n...

Masha and these Bears

Sofacy, also known as APT28, Fancy Bear, and Tsar Team, is a prolific, well resourced, and persistent adversary.

They are sometimes portrayed as wild and reckless, but as seen under our visibility, the group can be pragmatic, measured, and agile.