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The Chinese government doesn't know what to do with eSIMs yet.
Asian countries where herbal treatments are rooted had the most incidence.
The new Chinese factory is ready to offer a full range of HV cable technologies, also leveraging on the global expertise of the worldwide leader Prysmian GroupWith several years of history in the Chinese market and serving customers as China State Grid...
“They use multiple identities to disguise their activities and their shipments.”
Groups linked to China continue to launch attacks at the nation’s rivals, with reports of one group targeting Japanese companies using a zero-day vulnerability and a second group exploiting its victims with a decade-old RAT.
The malware affects Windows 7 and up to Windows 8.1, the researchers confirmed.
Apple's TrueDepth camera may be holding things up.
New neural processing unit promises to make the Mate 10 your smartest smartphone.

Bitcoin surges above $5,000

Bitcoin shrugs off Chinese regulations and bubble chatter to smash a new record.
Developer issues apology to Chinese community after call-out from US Congresswoman.
Just 18 percent of consumers in China are uneasy about devices that place orders on their behalf without prior consent, compared to 39 percent of Australians and 55 percent in Singapore who want to first approve the purchase.
Chinese national pleads guilty to running a massive counterfeiting ring A Chinese national has admitted he coordinated a massive piracy ring that shifted more than $100m in bootleg Microsoft gear.…