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Browser will use heuristics to allow sites like YouTube, Netflix to continue to autoplay.
Users will stop trusting you, warns researcher Many high profile UK sites still use Symantec certificates just days before Google will begin the process of dropping support for them with the next and upcoming releases of its Chrome browser.…
Chrome OS 66 to protect older Intel units, still working on ARM Older Chromebook owners should keep an eye open for Chrome OS updates, bcause Google's announced they'll get Meltdown protection soon.…
DAILY VIDEO: The U.S. government accuses Russia of hacking the power grid, and Google enhances security management features in Chrome Enterprise.
The business-friendly browser now includes new admin controls, EMM partnerships, and additions to help manage Active Directory.
Aiming to make Chrome Enterprise "the most secure endpoint solution for businesses in the cloud," Google rolls out more partners like Citrix XenMobile and Zoho.
The first day of the 2018 Pwn2Own hacking competition saw security researchers demonstrate a host of zero-day vulnerabilities, though a number of targets, including Google's Chrome browser, were left unchallenged.
DAILY VIDEO: Google urges webmasters to quickly replace untrusted Symantec certs; Tenable launches the Lumin cyber-exposure benchmarking platform; there's good news for the server business: revenue is up 25 percent in Q4 2017; and there's more.
Starting in a few week Chrome will no longer trust any Symantec digital certificate issued before June 2016.
Chrome 65 rounds out Google's long-running efforts to stamp out unwanted redirects.
Step 1: first, make Clang support Windows.
Flap that goes public renews troubling questions about issuance of certificates.