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In May, while monitoring Roaming Mantis, aka MoqHao and XLoader, we observed significant changes in their M.O.

The grouprsquo;s activity expanded geographically and they broadened their attack/evasion methods.

Their landing pages and malicious apk files now support 27 languages covering Europe and the Middle East.
Users should expect the web to be safe by default, Google explained.
The browser is changing to flag the things that are dangerous, not the ones that are safe.
CPU usage spikes up to 80 percent on infected machines.
$400 Intel-powered device reported to be coming later this year.
Many developers aren't satisfied with new October deadline to update code.
The previously promised feature rolled out today.
Researchers say the new Vega Stealer malware is currently being used in a simple campaign but has the potential to go much further.
Hacking laws in the limelight in Georgia and DC, plus new iPhone anti-tampering Roundup  This week saw hackers exploit train wi-fi connections, while IBM cut off worker thumb(drive)s, and world+dog missed a major security hole in Intel's CPUs.…
While it’s a simple payload for now, researchers said Vega has the ability to evolve into something more concerning in the future.
Google Project Zero says Microsoft's Arbitrary Code Guard in Edge fails where Chrome's site isolation succeeds.
Over two months, seven extensions stole credentials and installed currency miners.