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Google drops the boom on WoSign, StartCom certs for good

Citing “certificate misissuance,” Google to expire all certs from offenders by September.

​Cisco patches critical bug in WebEx plug-in for Chrome, Firefox on...

Cisco fixes a security flaw in its widely-used WebEx video conferencing software.

Cisco Patches Another Critical Ormandy Bug in WebEx Extension

Researchers Tavis Ormandy and Cris Neckar privately disclosed a critical vulnerability in Cisco's WebEx extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows for remote code execution.

Cisco plugs command-injection hole in WebEx Chrome, Firefox plugins

Make sure you've updated if you're using Windows Cisco has patched its Chrome and Firefox WebEx plugins to kill a bug that allows evil webpages to execute commands on computers.…

Google to Fully Distrust WoSign/StartCom SSL Certs in Chrome 61

Google has put websites signed with WoSign/StartCom SSL certificates on notice that it will no longer trust certs from the Chinese CA starting in Chrome 61.

Google guillotine falls on certificate authorities WoSign, StartCom

When Chrome 61 is released, the Chinese CA and its subsidiary will be completely blacklisted.

Google Chrome’s HTTPS ban-hammer drops on WoSign, StartCom in two months

Substandard certs, already in partial exile, soon to be shunned completely Google in two months will conclude its prolonged excommunication of misbehaving SSL/TLS certificate authorities WoSign and subsidiary StartCom, a punishment announced last October.…

Progressive web apps challenge native mobile apps

Native mobile apps have generally had the edge when it comes to user experience over web-based apps.

But the tide is turning, with progressive web appsnbsp;— a technology spearheaded by Google and Mozillamdash;catching on at major web properties and developer tools becoming available.“Wersquo;re starting to see a lot of large companies come back to the web because of its low friction,” said Addy Osmani, an engineering manager on Googlersquo;s Chrome team. He cited Lyft and Twitter as examples.[ Get started: How to launch the right mobile development strategy. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld's App Dev Report newsletter. ]Twitterrsquo;s progressive web app, Twitter Lite, takes up less than 1MB of memory, compared to more than 100MB for its native iOS app and 23MB for its native Android app, Osmani said.

The client-side JavaScript app uses less data and supports push notifications and offline use.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Windows 10 S‘ security brought down by, of course, Word macros

Analysis: Windows 10 S promises many good things.
It currently doesn't deliver.

More Android apps from dangerous Ztorg family sneak into Google Play

Almost 100 such apps, with >1 million downloads, found so far (but not by Google).

Hands-on with Chrome’s wild new mobile interface

Chrome Dev designs for big phones by putting everything on the bottom of the screen.

Firefox 54 finally goes multiprocess, eight years after work began

Firefox's multiple content processes don't suck up as much RAM as Chrome, says Mozilla.