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Tesla Model S warned driver in fatal crash to put hands...

Model S driver had hands on steering wheel for 25 seconds during a 37-minute period.

“Internet of Ships” tells tale of USS Fitzgerald tragedy—or half of...

AIS broadcasts freighter's course to world, triggering conspiracy theories.

End-to-end encryption plan puts Europe on collision course with UK

Legislation by European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and Home Affairs potentially puts EU at loggerheads with the UK over the encryption debate.

LIGO spots a third black hole merger, tightens mass limits on...

The merger also hints about the history of the black holes.

Our galaxy produces 1013kg of antimatter a second—how?

New study proposes a (relatively) mundane source: a specific class of supernova.

Moon Express chairman believes his team’s “ready to go for the...

“Will you go build the Pokemon Go of the Moon because we showed you itrsquo;s possible?”

Once an astronaut, now Mike Massimino can’t wait to be a...

Apparently, scuba diving is the closest thing Earthlings do that mimics space walking.

Going down to the Silicon Bayou: Scenes from Collision 2017

Now annual gathering offers IT, security, startups, and more over three days in NOLA.

San Francisco to DMV: how should cops deal with self-driving cars...

SF MTA, Tesla, Uber, Waymo and more file public comments to California DMV.

Russian spy ship sunk by sheep barge; sheep (and sailors) unhurt

Built in 1970, it was converted to an intelligence-collection vessel in 1989.

Navy drone software brings us one step closer to robot-filled skies

Software, including air traffic awareness and collision avoidance, passes Navy test.

Uber suspends self-driving program after car gets rolled in Arizona

A human driver failed to yeild, but Uber's hitting the brakes for now.