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Moon Express chairman believes his team’s “ready to go for the...

“Will you go build the Pokemon Go of the Moon because we showed you itrsquo;s possible?”

Once an astronaut, now Mike Massimino can’t wait to be a...

Apparently, scuba diving is the closest thing Earthlings do that mimics space walking.

Going down to the Silicon Bayou: Scenes from Collision 2017

Now annual gathering offers IT, security, startups, and more over three days in NOLA.

San Francisco to DMV: how should cops deal with self-driving cars...

SF MTA, Tesla, Uber, Waymo and more file public comments to California DMV.

Russian spy ship sunk by sheep barge; sheep (and sailors) unhurt

Built in 1970, it was converted to an intelligence-collection vessel in 1989.

Navy drone software brings us one step closer to robot-filled skies

Software, including air traffic awareness and collision avoidance, passes Navy test.

Uber suspends self-driving program after car gets rolled in Arizona

A human driver failed to yeild, but Uber's hitting the brakes for now.

Mars’ moons could be remnants of earlier rings, destined to form...

A new paper suggests that a giant impact set off a process that's still going.

Git sprints carefully towards SHA-1 deprecation

The sky still isn't falling Following the February controversy over whether or not Google's SHA-1 collision broke Git, its community has taken the first small steps towards replacing the ancient hash function.…

Intel races ahead in autonomous cars with $15.3 billion Mobileye buy

Intel has shifted its self-driving car efforts into high gear with a $15.3 billion deal to acquire computer vision and collision-avoidance company MobileEye.With the deal, announced Monday, Intel gets its hands on technology for machine learning, da...

Google’s ‘SHA-1 Countdown Clock’ Could Undermine Enterprise Security

In the wake of a recently documented 'collision' attack, Google researchers should release a patch for the cryptographic Secure Hash Algorithm 1 sooner rather than later. Here's why.

Torvalds Downplays SHA-1 Threat to Git

The ramifications of the recent SHA-1 collision attack have extended to Git and the Apache Subversion repository, both of which rely on the outdated and vulnerable hashing algorithm.