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Monday, November 20, 2017
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Comcast or Verizon could buy Fox Studios and cable networks.
Mobile lobby says FCC should enforce "non-regulation" policy throughout nation.
Miyamoto would be a producer on possible Illumination Entertainment film.
We’re coming into the holidays and the end of the year, a natural time to think about everything that could go wrong in the new year. Here’s what I’m going to worry about in 2018, and what other developers should worry about too!If you thought that ...
Municipal broadband wins “David vs.

Goliath battlerdquo; in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Pressure builds on FCC Chair Ajit Pai to preempt state net neutrality laws.
Comcast revenue could take a big hit in two cities that might build networks.
Comcast/NBC contract demands allegedly make it hard to sell basic TV package.
Comcast VP is glad Trump is “less hostilerdquo; to mergers than Obama.
Lawmakers fail to vote on opt-in rule that would protect your browsing history.
Man said he didn't go over his data cap; Comcast told him to trust the meter.
California to vote on privacy law opposed by ATT, Comcast, Charter, and Verizon.