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Beyond simple moisture detectors, this techy nappy will analyze the latest download.
Porsche invented the hybrid back in 1900, and it's learned some tricks since then.
Integrated graphics mean that AMD's chips can now go head to head with Intel's.
Big ID won the 2018 Sandbox competition, which provides a barometer for trendy security approaches.

Attendees watched 10 entrepreneurs pitching their wares on a 3-minute clock before a large audience and panel of tough judges.
Telecom lobby wants FCC to remove line-sharing rules that boost competition.
Medicaid paid an average of $35K for each prescription of Daraprim.
T-Mobile and Sprint announce $26 billion deal, claim they need other for 5G.
High-performing blue teams are "purposive social systems"—they shut up and work.

DDoS attacks in Q1 2018

In Q1 2018, we observed a significant increase in both the total number and duration of DDoS attacks against Q4 2017.

The new Linux-based botnets Darkai (a Mirai clone) and AESDDoS are largely responsible for this hike.
Two-thirds of NYC homes have only one or two broadband options, city report says.
After the failure of Allo, Google cedes control of Android messaging to the carriers.
We talked to Austin Russell, CEO of lidar startup Luminar.