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BrandPost: Crowdsourcing Solutions to Cancer: Thank You, Kaggle, Intel, and MobileODT

“Competition platformsrdquo; offer interesting ways to pull together communities to focus on solving a problem.

There are several out there.

For example, Kaggle provides access to development tools and thenbsp;computenbsp;cycles to run algorithms.

They also have some well-written tutorials and training that I highly encourage you to try. (My wife got lost in the analysis of survival rates for passengers of the Titanic – annbsp;excellent introduction to machine learningnbsp;to do at your own pace.) There is currently a Kaggle competition to develop an algorithm that will help health care workers in rural parts of the world prevent cervical cancer by applying the right treatment in high-risk pre-cancerous situations.
Seenbsp;the Intel and MobileODT Cervical Cancer Screening Competitionnbsp;for a more detailed explanation. (The competition offers $100,000 in prize money, by the way.)To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

IKEA’s low-cost smart lights get Alexa, Google, and Siri voice support

Bulbs start at just $12, while a full Wi-Fi enabled kit goes for $80.

Huawei goes after Apple’s MacBook with new thin-and-light Matebook X

A fingerprint sensor, extra USB Type-C port, and included dock help it stand out.

Polar M430 review: A runner’s watch that athletes new and old...

A thoughtful update makes the M430 a better running watch than Polar's M400.

Facebook fined $122 million for misleading EU over WhatsApp deal

Facebook says it couldn't automatically match WhatsApp accounts; EC disagrees.

Ajit Pai accidentally supports utility rules and open-access networks

Pai praises Clinton, whose FCC enforced open networks and boosted competition.

Apple Patches Pwn2Own Vulnerabilities in Safari, macOS, iOS

Apple fixed 66 vulnerabilities - many found at March's Pwn2Own competition - across seven product lines, including Safari, iTunes, macOS, and iOS, on Monday.

Sprint sues government over elimination of broadband price caps

Business Internet price caps were removed by FCC despite lack of competition.

Microsoft’s new VR controllers will be great—until SteamVR “Knuckles” arrive

Inside-out tracking and price are right.

But will the competition catch up?

Comcast and Charter agree not to compete against each other in...

Top two cable companies won't pursue mergers without the other's permission.

Two defenses of research on useless knowledge

A small book of essays promoting fundamental research.

YouTube taps creators, celebrities for new original shows on ad-supported site

Fitness with Kevin Hart, behind-the-scenes with Ellen, and more.