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BrandPost: A Look Ahead (and Back) to the Intel HPC Developer...

Intelrsquo;s “DevConrdquo; has been going on for a handful of years now, and itrsquo;s emerged as a popular and interesting venue for those interested in HPC and newer fields like HPDA and AI/ML (High Performance Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning).

This year the conference will be held Saturday and Sunday morning, November 11 and 12, in Denver.While Intel just announced a “call for submissionsrdquo; for the 2017 conference, it seemed like a good time to also mention the available online materials from this conference.  The past resources are all freely available on the web. Previous HPC Developer Conferences have been very well rated by attendees, and thatrsquo;s due to the high quality of the speakers who have participated in talks, tutorials, and panels.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Who had the best E3 press conference? Ars decides

Xbox One X? Spider-Man? Mario? Here's what made an impression amid the hype.

Spiderman closes out PlayStation E3 presser with web-slinging awesomeness

Skyrim VR, God of War, new Shadow of the Colossus remaster, and much more.

How serverless changes application development

Pete Johnson is a technical solutions architect at Cisco.Serverless software architectures have generated a lot of interest. How much interest? Like, 2000 people at a conference breakout session —that level of interest. The photo below shows Datadog devops evangelist Matt Williams delivering a session about Lambda at AWS re:Invent last December.

The jam-packed venue was originally designed to house “Phantom of the Opera.”Hyun Auh Irsquo;ve been going to tech conferences for 25 years, and I have never been to a breakout that required a mezzanine before.
Serverless is catching like wildfire.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Android execs get technical talking updates, Project Treble, Linux, and more

QA: We talk details with Android execs Dave Burke and Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson.

The state of the car computer: Forget horsepower, we want megahertz!

Linux, Android, and Blackberry's QNX race for control of the dashboard display.

Have security conferences become an ‘army of noise’?

Of the hundreds of security conferences, the vast majority are interchangeable in terms of content.
Some up-and-coming events are reducing the noise, providing better opportunities for learners, and booking fresh faces on the main stage.

Secretly recorded Planned Parenthood tapes barred from publication

Two activists criminally charged with allegedly violating privacy of people filmed.

Sony’s Xperia Touch projector turns any surface into an Android device

We go hands on with Sony's expensive little touch projector.

Moto G5 hands-on: A solid, metal-ish budget phone with removable battery

Moto G5 gets a fingerprint reader, metal back, and the same svelte £170 price.

What to expect at MWC: Five flagship smartphones and the return...

LG, Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony, and Huawei should all be in attendance.