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Why are so many pre-existing IPs turning to TV? It’s complicated

At ATX Television Fest, execs discuss why familiar franchises keep hitting small screens.

Trump wants a talk-radio host to be the USDA’s chief scientist

The Dept. of Agriculturersquo;s science will be run by someone with no science experience.

Google Pixel 2 leak shows slimmer bezels, huge camera lens, squeezable...

Googlersquo;s LG-built smartphone looks a lot like the LG G6.

White House could use ATT/Time Warner deal as “leveragerdquo; against CNN

AT&T seemingly on track to buy Time Warner despite Trump's anger at CNN.

Wisconsin speech bill might allow students to challenge science professors

Bill might protect students who, like its sponsor, think Earth is 6,000 years old.

Renewable energy generation in the US dramatically exceeds 2012 predictions

Itrsquo;s a testament to falling prices, incentives but also reflects conservative estimates.

A Trump FCC advisor’s proposal for bringing free Internet to poor...

Trump advisor says net neutrality hindered free data services for the poor.

Conservative group takes credit for anti-net neutrality comments

A conservative group took credit for a barrage of anti-net neutrality comments posted on the U.S.

Federal Communications Commission's website this week, but it denied generating fake activism.The Center for Individual Freedom said it did not use a bot to generate comments after news reports raised questions about the legitimacy of the posts.

Between Monday and early Wednesday afternoon, the FCC had received more than 128,000 comments duplicating the language provided by CFIF.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

DDOS attacks in Q1 2017

Although the first quarter of 2017 was rather quiet compared to the previous reporting period, there were a few interesting developments.

Despite the growing popularity of IoT botnets, Windows-based bots accounted for 59.81% of all attacks. Meanwhile, complex attacks that can only be repelled with sophisticated protection mechanisms are becoming more frequent.

These people want you to know climate change isn’t just for...

These conservative and religious voices work to get their communities on board.

Ajit Pai announces plan to eliminate Title II net neutrality rules

Vote to begin net neutrality rollback scheduled for May 18.

NSA backdoor detected on >55,000 Windows boxes can now be remotely...

Microsoft dismisses DoublePulsar infection estimates, but otherwise remains silent.