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Thursday, August 24, 2017
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ATT's G.fast available to apartment buildings in 8 major cities.
Homeolab failed FDA inspection and sold “adulteratedrdquo; infant products, agency said.
The bacteria are often drug resistant and were found in some products for kids.
Automakers wanted EPArsquo;s mpg targets relaxed, and theyrsquo;ll likely get their way.
Toshiba's take on modernizing the typically boring work-issued clamshell.
Blockchain is making headway into finance as banks are looking to implement their own blockchain projects and many startups leverage new blockchain platforms to power their offerings.

Even investing and venture capital are under some scrutiny as tok...
FCC accused of prioritizing "raw dollars" over small businesses and consumers.
3-2 Republican majority likely to overturn net neutrality rules.
Applersquo;s Q3 2017 earnings: good growth overall, but China continues to be a sore spot.
$9.25 monthly subsidy for mobile service would be eliminated by Republican bill.
"Consumers cannot easily avoid Googlersquo;s tracking of their in-store purchase behavior."
Privacy group wants Google to reveal where it obtains US consumers' payment card data.