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IDG Contributor Network: Security in a cloud-native environment

In a time where services and their consumers are ubiquitous, security risks to enterprise systems and data are exploding. Security offerings from cloud service providers are promising but still traditional in nature and sometimes soft targets for se...

Scammer who made 96 million robocalls should pay $120M fine, FCC...

Vacation scam preyed on elderly and disrupted medical paging system, FCC says.

Research: Signicat finds that Europe is “nearly there” with fully digital...

European eID schemes provide 69% of ID information needed to digitally apply for financial services3 European eID schemes provide all the necessary information Digital Identity Service Providers (DISP) are the key to bridging the gapOslo, Norway, 22 June 2017 – New research launched today by Signicat, the worldrsquo;s first and largest identity assurance provider, shows that through electronic identity (eID) schemes in Europe, consumers are closer to being able to apply for financial services 100%... Source: RealWire

Democrats urge Trump administration to block ATT/Time Warner merger

Senate Democrats: “Mega conglomeraterdquo; could punish rivals and harm consumers.

California may restore broadband privacy rules killed by Congress and Trump

State law could protect customers' browsing history, but FCC rule is still dead.

Erosion of ISP Privacy Rules Sparks New Anti-Snooping Efforts

After lawmakers struck down ISP privacy protections earlier this year, new efforts are underway to help consumers win back control of their personal information from their service providers.

In March, wind and solar generated a record 10% of US...

And stationary storage batteries had a booming quarter, too.

4 key AI concepts you need to understand

Bob Friday is co-founder and CTO of Mist Systems. Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm, with innovative use cases being applied across all industry segments. We are decades away from replacing a doctor with an AI robot, as seen...

Trump admin. delays Obama-era reboot of nutrition label amid industry pressure

Labels made calories per serving and per package clearer, included added sugar count.

Broadband speeds have soared under net neutrality rules, cable lobby says

The cable lobbyrsquo;s conflicting arguments about net neutrality and broadband.

Monitoring your blood pressure? Careful, 70% of home devices may be...

The error range is enough to sway decisions about taking or stopping medication.

ATT uses forced arbitration to overcharge customers, senators say

ATT claims mandatory arbitration is better for customers than lawsuits.