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50 hashes per hour

In this research we'll be revisiting the USB port – this time in attempts to intercept user authentication data on the system that a microcomputer is connected to.

As we discovered, this type of attack successfully allows an intruder to retrieve user authentication data – even when the targeted system is locked.

After uproar, Minecraft maker to stop feeding cookies to in-game parrots

Mojang accepts concerns that children might imitate the game's dangerous avian diet.

Session Hijacking, Cookie-Stealing WordPress Malware Spotted

Researchers spotted a strain of cookie stealing malware, injected into a legitimate JavaScript file, masquerading as a WordPress core domain.

Google reduces JPEG file size by 35%

New algorithm is based on human psychovisual system.
Images look better, too.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands review: One hot mess of an open-world game

Writing is terrible and it's riddled with bugs, but there's fun to be had with friends.

Muppet Guys Talking explores Jim Henson’s tech, genius, generosity

Review: Riveting conversation with major Muppet actors flies by way too quickly.

IBM Enhances Publicly Accessible Quantum Computing Services

DAILY VIDEO: IBM expands quantum computing efforts; Researchers find 132 malware-infected Android apps on Google Play; Yahoo reveals cookie forging activity led to account breach; and there's more.

Yahoo Reveals Cookie Forging Activity Breached 32M Accounts

NEWS ANALYSIS: Yahoo's latest disclosure provides insight into how attackers forged cookies to access user accounts.

Yahoo Reveals Cookie Forging Activity Led to Account Breach

NEWS ANALYSIS: Yahoo's latest security disclosure provides insight into how attackers forged cookies to access 32 million user accounts, in at attack that security experts see as being preventable.

​Yahoo says 32m user accounts were accessed via cookie forging attack

The former tech giant believes a sophisticated cookie forging attack was used to access 32 million Yahoo accounts.

Yahoo cookie hacks affected 32 million accounts, CEO forgoes bonus

Nation-sponsored attackers targeted 26 specific accounts.

Hacks all the time. Engineers recently found Yahoo systems remained compromised

Company knocks $350 million off its purchase price.