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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Marcus Hutchins, awaiting trial, can now live and work unencumbered in LA.
Cities and states are trying to one-up each other, showing off their best features.
The country's intelligence agency has aligned its resources to focus on the growing threat of cyber espionage targeting 'a range' of Australian interests.
In May 2017, Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered a forum post advertising ATM malware that was targeting specific vendor ATMs.

The forum contained a short description of a crimeware kit designed to empty ATMs with the help of a vendor specific API, without interacting with ATM users and their data.

The price of the kit was 5000 USD at the time of research.
In 2008, coal supplied 51% of US power.

Today it's 31% and that could fall.
Successor to Tor "travel router" focuses on protecting traffic from "harvesting" by ISPs.
Life in the crater of a volcano whose ash once covered the world.
Meanwhile, Trump continued attacks on NBC, media: "Sadly, they and others are Fake News."
Can Delaware handle the incoming caseload?
'People have been left in the dark for too long' Equifax may soon face the wrath of UK politicians after the chairman of the country's House of Commons Treasury Committee demanded answers from the firm over its handling of its recent data breach.…
The quote seems clear, but now hersquo;s changing his tune.
Thatrsquo;s “not how it works,” FCC commissioner tells the president.