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Cisco Patches XXE, DOS, Code Execution Vulnerabilities

Cisco patched three vulnerabilities in three products this week that if exploited, could have resulted in a denial of service, crash and in some instances, arbitrary and remote code execution.

Researcher calls the fuzz on OpenVPN, uncovers crashy vulns

Patches for servers and clients already out there – get updating just in case OpenVPN has patched a bunch of security vulnerabilities that can be exploited to crash the service or, at a pinch, potentially gain remote-code execution.…

A remaster with no old code: Crash Bandicoot was rebuilt nearly...

Just enough source material was salvaged, along with a happenstance speech of old.

Tesla Model S warned driver in fatal crash to put hands...

Model S driver had hands on steering wheel for 25 seconds during a 37-minute period.

Mozilla Fixes 32 Vulnerabilities in Firefox 54

Mozilla fixed 32 vulnerabilities, including a critical bug that could have resulted in a crash, with the release Tuesday of Firefox 54, the latest version of its flagship browser.

Found: “Crash Override” malware that triggered Ukrainian power outage

Attack tools can be used against a broad range of electric grids around the world.

Dvmap: the first Android malware with code injection

In April 2017 we started observing new rooting malware being distributed through the Google Play Store. Unlike other rooting malware, this Trojan not only installs its modules into the system, it also injects malicious code into the system runtime libraries.

A simple file naming bug can crash Windows 8.1 and earlier

The "blue screen of death" lives on thanks to a simple Windows file system bug.

Microsoft Master File Table bug exploited to BSOD Windows 7, 8.1

The 1990s called: they want their filepath hack back Until Microsoft patches this problem, use Chrome: a slip in file-path handling allows attacker to crash Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 with a file call.…

In a throwback to the ’90s, NTFS bug lets anyone hang...

It's like the c:\con\con bug all over again.

Elon Musk says “hardware 2” Teslas will get better self-driving software...

An upgrade's coming to HW2 cars in June, and it will make them "smooth as silk."

Baking soda shortage has hospitals frantic, delaying treatments and surgeries

Sodium bicarbonate is used in a variety of treatments but is inexplicably scarce.