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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Google has removed the Interface Online Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.

The plugin was used by criminals in Brazil to target corporate users with the aim of stealing banking credentials.

IT threat evolution Q2 2017

The threat from ransomware continues to grow.

Between April 2016 and March 2017, we blocked ransomware on the computers of 2,581,026 Kaspersky Lab customers.
In May, we saw the biggest ransomware epidemic in history, called WannaCry.
Marcus Hutchins is accused of creating software that became the malware Kronos.
A phishing site seeking Apple credentials and victim payment card information is encrypted with AES, researchers at Ring 0 Labs said.
Fancy Bear used Eternal Blue 3 months after it was leaked by a mysterious group.
One of Tuesday's Flash Player patches was a do-over after the researcher who privately reported the problem earlier this year discovered the original patch incompletely resolved the issue.
Tech-support scammers are borrowing phishing techniques from criminals who seek online credentials.
Prosecutors say Marcus Hutchins admitted he wrote alleged malware.

Defense disagrees.
Criminals used a typo-squatting technique and uploaded rogue JavaScript libraries to a popular code repository npm.
Token-based authorization that lets users prove their identity through Facebook, Google, or Microsoft credentials can dramatically reduce your attack surface and give enterprises a single point of control.
Lookalike npm packages grabbed stored credentials A two-week-old campaign to steal developers' credentials using malicious code distributed through npm, the Node.js package management registry, has been halted with the removal of 39 malicious npm packages.…
Two rival versions of Bitcoin might be better than one.