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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Researchers unearth new tactics and strategies used by the criminals behind the hacking group known as Bronze Butler.
DOJ rekindles fight with Apple, wants government access to encrypted devices.
Crime ring opened minimal accounts with banks, then boosted their withdrawal limits.
While some criminals blow up ATMs to steal cash, others use less destructive methods, such as infecting the ATM with malware and then stealing the money. We have written about this phenomenon extensively in the past and today we can add another family of malware to the list – Backdoor.Win32.ATMii.
German IT security specialistrsquo;s latest new customer: Switzerlandrsquo;s largest private telecom providerHamburg, Germany. 4 October 2017 – The forward march of current consumer trends such as smart home and the internet of things (IoT) seems unstoppable. However, increased connectivity often comes with inadequate protection that can open doors to cyber-criminals – literally as well as figuratively.
In order to provide its more than three million customers with future-proof security, Zurich-based Sunrise Communications AG has decided... Source: RealWire
NEWS ANALYSIS: Imagine a world where state-sponsored hackers team up with financial criminals to use ever more sophisticated tools to break in to your network and steal your data.
WatchGuardrsquo;s latest Internet Security Report reveals rise of Mimikatz, finds that 47 percent of all malware is new or zero day and offers comprehensive analysis of WannaCry28 September 2017 – Criminal tactics used to access user credentials are growing in prevalence and sophistication, according to the findings of WatchGuardrsquo;s latest quarterly Internet Security Report, which explores computer and network security threats affecting SMBs and distributed enterprises.

The findings also show that a record 47 percent... Source: RealWire
The racist site has been at a .is domain for more than a week.
Criminals are replacing phishing websites every few hours in order to avoid detection - thus allowing them to scam more victims out of personal data
The EU sets out a strategy to improve its cyber-defences against criminals and nation states.
"We are digging our own grave," warn some online criminals who are worried how high-profile ransomware attacks like WannaCry are boosting awareness and cyber security knowledge.
Smart home security device has led to approximately 100 police arrests of doorstep criminals and provides peace of mind to residentsLondon, UK – 20 September 2017 – Ring, the leader in outdoor smart home security, today announced that 100,000 UK homes are now fitted with a Ring Video Doorbell - giving homeowners access to live footage from their doorstep wherever they are in the world.Providing a ring of security around neighbourhoods, the Ring Video Doorbell... Source: RealWire