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HP released an update that fixes debugger code that could allow an attacker to use a Synaptics Touchpad driver as a keylogger.
GCHQ has showcased the nine startups chosen to help protect the UK from the cyber-attacks of the future.
An Android vulnerability called Janus allows attackers to inject malicious code into signed Android apps.
Apple said it has fixed an undisclosed vulnerability in its HomeKit framework that could have allowed unauthorized remote control of HomeKit devices such as smart locks and connected garage door openers.
Remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine was found by UK spy agency's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).
Ian Kilpatrick, EVP (Executive Vice-President) Cyber Security for Nuvias Group, looks at the rapidly changing security scenario faced by companies in 20181.
Security blossoms in the boardroom Sadly, security breaches will continue to be a regular occur...
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Using a free tool called Spinner, researchers identified certificate pinning vulnerabilities in mobile banking apps that left customers vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.
Four industry trends are making vehicles vulnerable to cyber attacks and failures: vehicles access, software control, autonomous driving, and the changing state of software, according to BlackBerry.
As part of its December Android and Pixel/Nexus security updates, Google has issued patches addressing a bevy of flaws, 11 of which are rated critical.
The former head of cyber for the US State Department calls for agreements across countries to improve government cybersecurity.
Cyber no longer domain of techies, says ex-diplomat Black Hat  Cyber threats have evolved from been a solely technical issues to core issues of government policy, according to a senior US lawyer and former cyber diplomat.…