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Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Adobe today released an out-of-band Flash Player update addressing a zero-day vulnerability being exploited by a little-known Middle Eastern APT group called Black Oasis.
The KRACK, or key reinstallation attack, disclosed today allow attackers to decrypt encrypted traffic, steal data and inject malicious code depending on the network configuration.
Researchers unearth new tactics and strategies used by the criminals behind the hacking group known as Bronze Butler.
F-35 Joint Program Office acknowledges breach, says no classified data was stolen.
Hyatt said its payment systems have been breached, exposing credit card data from 41 hotels in 11 countries between March and July this year.
Three malicious Chrome extensions spoofing AdBlock Plus were removed from the Chrome Web Store this week.
Staff writer Chris Brook says farewell to Threatpost after eight years on the site. He and Mike Mimoso talk about Threatpost's early days and how the site grew up alongside the security industry.
How security practitioners can apply structured analysis and move from putting out fires to fighting the arsonists.
A forgotten feature in Microsoft Office allows attackers to bypass antivirus scanners and pull off document-based attacks to install malware.
No, Chrome isn't slowing down – you're just silently digging up cyber-cash Updated  Sketchy websites are increasingly using cryptocurrency mining as a source of income.…
Researchers say in a 30-day period cybercriminals behind the Locky ransomware have updated the malware three times and have stepped up spam campaigns.
Online attackers from North Korea reportedly stole confidential military documents, including war contingency plans drawn up by U.S. and South Korean forces. Without any downside, such attacks will continue, security experts say.