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Monday, October 23, 2017
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The source of the recording said Facebook's senior management and executives were apathetic to matters of cybersecurity.

Facebook's security chief said he used one of the remarks "as a figure of speech."
It's Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Make sure your users are briefed on these 10 attacker techniques that are often overlooked.
As cybersecurity continues to become more of a mainstream concern, those of us who speak at industry events must learn how to truly connect with our audience.
Cybercriminals may alter score results and engage in launching physical attacks at future Olympic Games, a recently released report warns.
Data on key defence projects was stolen from a small Australian defence contractor. Minister Christopher Pyne says the government isn't responsible for vendor cybersecurity.

But who is?
New study shows the majority of cybersecurity positions get filled at salaries above the original compensation cap, while jobs sit unfilled an average of six months.

Akamai Acquires Nominum

Purchase of DNS and enterprise cybersecurity solutions company is designed to bolster Akamai's offering to telecom carriers.
Using machine learning in the cybersecurity domain is a growing trend with many advantages, but it also has its risks.
Some 86 percent of Asia-Pacific businesses have experienced a cybersecurity breach in the last two years, but just 44 percent believe security still is not a top discussion point for their board members.
A new report from the Office of Inspector General has brought another wave of cybersecurity woes to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
US government is examining the use of a “modern cryptographic identifier.”
Government still learning lessons from ransomware that hit 300,000 PCs worldwide and took down dozens of NHS trusts.