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Most General Counsels Fret over Data Security

An overwhelming percentage of in-house attorneys say cyberattacks and the impact on their business keeps them up at night, a recent survey shows.

Banks could be stung for €5bn under GDPR, screams latest report...

Firm peddling security solutions says poor breach reporting will 'make you look like a fool' European banks could face fines totalling €4.7bn in the three years after General Data Protection Regulation comes into force, according to a report from data security solutions firm AllClear ID.…

BrandPost: Countdown to GDPR: Checklist to Get Your Infrastructure Compliance-Ready

By Bharath Vasudevan, Product Manager, HPE Software-defined and Cloud Group In a world constantly bombarded by ransomware, viruses, and other data breaches, people want to feel that they and their data are protected.

As such, the EUrsquo;s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance law has caused quite the buzz since it was approved in April 2016.
In short, GDPR ensures data protection for any EU citizen.
Starting in May 2018, GDPR will require companies within EU countries and any company that sends or retrieves data from EU countries, to comply with new regulations involving data protection and data security. (Yes, that means any global enterprise based outside the EU as well!)To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

FTC Issues Advice on Mobile Phone Data Security, Identity Theft

The Federal Trade Commission offers hindsight and foresight on ways to reduce identity theft should your mobile device get stolen.

Data Security & Privacy: The Risks of Not Playing by the...

Achieving compliance is a complex and challenging process.

But with the right systems and policies, you can stay ahead of the next data breach - and the regulators.

APAC firms see data security as key barrier to digital transformation

Some 35 percent of Asia-Pacific companies view the potential failure of securing sensitive data as a top barrier to digital transformation, while others cite rigid IT systems and inability to migrate to the cloud.

Six things you need to know about IoT security

Security, trust, and data integrityImage by ThinkstockThe emergence of the internet of things is altering our personal technology security paradigm and is a game-changer in customer/business interaction, in part due to the wide scope of available data ...

The Second Coming of Managed File Transfer Has Arrived

Sometimes, a mature, embedded technology still makes the most sense, especially when it comes to data security.

5 must-have security tools

New York’s Montgomery County, located at the foot of the Adirondacks, consists of 10 towns, one city and 50,000 residents.

To protect the data that pertains to its citizens and operations, Montgomery County added DatAdvantage from Varonis to its arsenal of security wares.

The data security platform is designed to show organizations where sensitive data exists, who is accessing it, and how to keep it safe.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story)

What it takes to become a data security strategist

By the time John Kronick became a data security strategist a few years ago, he'd already been in the security industry for 20 years.

But he didn't come to security from IT.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider St...

Want privacy? Congress says you’ll have to pay for it

When Congress voted down broadband privacy regulations this week, it threw data security under the bus as well.
Internet users who want to protect their data can expect to pay a "privacy tax" as a result.The House voted 215-205 to repeal rules that, among other things, required broadband providers to take "reasonable" steps to protect customers' information.

The rules also would have mandated that telecoms notify customers within 30 days "after reasonable determination of [a data] breach." And if a breach affected at least 5,000 customers, they would have had to notify the FBI, the Secret Service, and the FCC within seven business days.

The privacy rules regarding notifications were slated to take effect in June.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Out of the gate, health and research apps face-plant

After high expectations, apps and researchers face tall hurdles in test runs.