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XPan, I am your father

While we have previously written on the now infamous XPan ransomware family, some of it’s variants are still affecting users primarily located in Brazil.

This sample is what could be considered as the “father” of other XPan ransomware variants.

A considerable amount of indicators within the source code depict the early origins of this sample.

Tell Bart and other ransomware families to ‘Eat my shorts’ with...

Free tools for unlocking Bart, Merry X-Mas and other types of ransomware are released as part of the No More Ransom initiative.

Tell Bart and other ransomware families to ‘Eat my shorts’ with...

Free tools for unlocking Bart, Merry X-Mas, and other types of ransomware have been released as part of the No More Ransom initiative.

A free decryption tool is now available for all Bart ransomware...

Users who have had their files encrypted by any version of the Bart ransomware program are in luck: Antivirus vendor Bitdefender has just released a free decryption tool.The Bart ransomware appeared back in June and stood out because it locked victi...

BioWare says Mass Effect: Andromeda bugfixes and improvements are coming

Fixes for single-player (including animation skipping!) and multiplayer are on tap.

‘Sorry, I’ve forgotten my decryption password’ is contempt of court, pal...

Claiming you can't remember your passphrase to unlock data is willful defiance The US Third Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld a lower court ruling of contempt against a chap who claimed he couldn't remember the password to decrypt his computer's hard drives.…

PetrWrap: the new Petya-based ransomware used in targeted attacks

This year we found a new family of ransomware used in targeted attacks against organizations.

After penetrating an organization's network the threat actors used the PsExec tool to install ransomware on all endpoints and servers in the organization.

The next interesting fact about this ransomware is that the threat actors decided to use the well-known Petya ransomware to encrypt user data.

DRM in HTML5 is a victory for the open Web, not...

W3C's decision to publish a DRM framework will keep the Web relevant and useful.

Free decryption tools now available for Dharma ransomware

Computer users who have been affected by the Dharma ransomware and have held onto their encrypted files can now restore them for free. Researchers have created decryption tools for this ransomware strain after someone recently leaked the decryption keys.Dharma first appeared in November and is based on an older ransomware program known as Crysis.
It’s easy to recognize files affected by it because they will have the extension: .[email_address].dharma, where the email address is the one used by the attacker as a point of contact.[ 18 surprising tips for security pros. | Discover how to secure your systems with InfoWorld's Security Report newsletter. ]On Wednesday, a user named gektar published a link to a Pastebin post on the BleepingComputer.com technical support forum.

The post, he claimed, contained the decryption keys for all Dharma variants.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

Keys for Dharma Ransomware Released

Decryption keys for the Dharma strain of ransomware have been released.

Would killing Bitcoin end ransomware?

Ransomware is running rampant.

The SonicWall GRID Threat Network detected an increase from 3.8 million ransomware attacks in 2015 to 638 million in 2016.

According to a Radware report, 49 percent of businesses were hit by a ransomware attack in 2016. Quite often the attacker asks for some amount of cybercurrency – usually Bitcoin – in exchange for providing a decryption key.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here(Insider Story)

What could happen if you refuse to unlock your phone at...

DHS says agents are in the right to ask for passwords, decryption help.