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Aggregating threat intel from external data sources is no longer enough. You must look inside and outside your traditional knowledge base for the best way to defend against attacks.
NCTA, CTIA, and USTelecom sign up to defend net neutrality repeal in court.
Judge Koh trims class-action complaint, but suit will proceed The remains of Yahoo! will be forced to defend the class action complaint filed by customers whose data was exposed in the 2014 megahack.…
Lawsuits filed by tech firms, states, and advocates were merged into one suit.
As noted in the first article in this series, economics is a common language that can help IT defend its interests and values.
It can also help technical teams clarify choices, such as whether public or private cloud resources are more costly, and a...
Far from helping organizations defend themselves, hacking back will escalate an already chaotic situation.
Get prep’d for certs to prove your worth Promo  As cyber threats seem to multiply and mutate at ever-increasing speed, it becomes difficult to be sure you are able defend your organisation against an attack that could come from any direction.…
Google vows to defend lawsuit, says it hires “candidates based on their merit.”
New event for infosec pros Promo  Are you confident you could defend your IT systems against an unexpected attack? Could you spot the early signs of an incursion coming from any direction, as roving bands of hackers, data thieves and other miscreants g...
There's obviously a big problem, but we don't know exactly what.
Millions of unsecure, Internet-enabled devices provide new threat surfaces that security operations experts will have to defend.
White hat hackers bring value to organizations and help them defend against today's advanced threats.