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Monday, October 23, 2017
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CyberArk says the manner in which Defender scans for malicious executables in SMB shares gives attackers an opening.
Researchers at CyberArk have devised a Windows Defender bypass that tricks the operating system into executing malicious code while Defender scans a benign file.
Says you'd hafta click through a *boatload* of warnings Security researchers have uncovered what they believe is a vulnerability that allows malware to completely bypass Windows Defender. Microsoft dismissed the report as of "limited practical applicability" in practice (i.e. a low-risk threat).…
Automation can help manage and respond to alert overflow, but will come with its own specific set of challenges.
Months after acquiring automated incident response specialist Hexadite, the company has integrated the former startup's technology into Windows Defender ATP.
Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection gains new features that help IT security teams prevent data breaches.
Microsoft's newest version of Defender Advanced Threat Protection offers better controls and more insight into security events.
Security tool slated for Creators Update promises to rat on misbehaving apps, bad staff Microsoft says its upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update will include new capabilities in the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection security suite.…
Windows 7 machines mostly unprotected because they're not running any antivirus, says Microsoft.
As the threat landscape grows more complex, organizations need a framework to combat a wide diversity of cyberattacks. Gigamon's CTO Shehzad Merchant talks about the company's Security Defender Lifecycle Model and how it uses AI and machine learning to...
Second video prompts another dropped casemdash;bringing to nearly three dozen so far.
Axon body cams retain footage for 30 seconds before an officer begins recording.